MA-5500-8-DS Wifi Panel antenna 5GHz 2x MIMO

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Número de artículo
The antenna MA-2400-8-DS (18670.24) is an antenna including two systems with different polarisation (V/H). It is intended for point-to-point apllications using the 802.11N technology. Normally 802.11n makes use of indoor reflections, resulting in multi-path propagation and higher throughput. WIth point-to-point systems (outdoor) you usually have no or only little reflections, 802.11n can not achieve it's full potential. But with the use of two different polarised antennas a multi-path enviroment is simulated, and 802.11n can again be used at higher data rates.

In contrast to other antennas the MA-2400-8-DS has a larger half-power beam width and is therefore well suited for illuminating large yards, halls etc. A bracket for wall mounting is included, a mast mount is available optionally.
Datos Técnicos
Product Name MA-5000-8-DS
Marca WiMo
Ganancia 5 GHz [dBi] 8
Resistente a la intemperie Si
Mono-/Multiband Mono banda
Polarización Hor. o Vert.
Tipo de antena Antena direccional
Diseño de la antena Antena Panel
Dimensiones 115 x 83 x 23

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