antenna tuner mAT-125E unsymm. with accumulator

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  • sintonizador de antena desequilibrado con batería
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The mAT-125E tuner is a compact and lightweight antenna tuner with built-in LiIon batteries. This makes it perfect for portable use, for example during a field day or SOTA activation on a hike. Due to the universal tuning, this tuner can be used with radios of all manufacturers, the only condition is that the transmission power can be reduced to 1 to 20 W. In the fully automatic mode the tuner starts tuning as soon as RF power is present, in the semi-automatic mode tuning only takes place after pressing the tune button.

The mAT-125E Tuner stores once found tuning settings per frequency in a memory. There are 16000 memory locations available for this purpose. If a known frequency is used again, the setting is read from the memory and the tuning process is completed in less than 0.2 seconds. If a new frequency is used or if a new frequency is to be tuned (and stored), the process takes max. 5 seconds. During the tuning process it can happen with the mAT-125E that the transceiver 'sees' a SWR higher than 2:1 for a short time. Some radios with extremely sensitive protection circuits already react to this and switch off the transmitter, although the tuning process could not yet be completed entirely. For these radios the manufacturer recommends a different model, for example the mAT-30 Tuner.

The operation is done via the tune button on the tuner after the transmitter has been manually switched to low power (1 to 20 W) and FM, RTTY or CW to transmit a continuous carrier. The mAT-125E can also be tuned manually in order to tune outside the transmission range (e.g. to listen to shortwave radio). In order to save power, this tuner is equipped with bi-stable latch relays, which maintain their switching state even after switching off the power supply. After 5 seconds the mAT-125E goes into a sleep state in which it only needs a few µA, the LEDs are switched off too. With a new pressing of the Tune-button the tuner wakes up again. This sleep mode can also be disabled. The front key can also be used to switch the tuner to bypass mode if the antenna does not require any tuning on a certain band. The coax output (PL) tunes antennas in an impedance range of approx. 5 to 1500 Ohm, which is much more than the usual built-in tuners can handle.

The power supply is provided by two built-in 18650 LiIon batteries with a capacity of approx. 2500 mAh. This allows for days of operation even for extended holidays.

For charging you need e.g. a USB plug-in charger (5.0 - 5.5V DC @ min. 0.5A) as used for many mobile phones.

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