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MFJ-495 Morse keyer

MFJ-495 Morse keyer

229,00 €
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incl. IVA más gastos de envío
SKU: MFJ-495
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CW Memory Keyer in a compact housing. The MFJ-495 has a keyer can connect to a paddle, a computer keyboard or a PC. Saved characters can be continuously repeated. You can add additional breaks in which the keyer serial numbers or commands inserts. The output is a well-read, two-line LCD display. The output rate and volume can be adjusted via controls on the front. On the back are ports for keyboard, straight key, paddle, computer and a remote control port. About this remote control port, the keyer can be remote controlled directly from a contest software.

-Key with speeds from 5 to 99 WPM

-Large, two line LC display

-Connections for single or double paddle, or computer keyboard

-Controls for speed and volume on the front side, easily accessible

-32 memories for CW text up to 8000 digits

-Write-ahead buffer

-Adjustable character weighting

-Loudspeaker for sidetone

-Remote controll port

-4 different user profiles

-requires 12V power supply


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