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OM-2000A+ HF Amplificador Automatico, 2000 W

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The OM-2000A+ is one of the most lightweight and compact automatic amps of the 2000 W class. The ceramic tetrode FU-728F supplies sufficient power for all situations, whether you do SSB, CW or RTTY. Any standard transceiver with a power of 40 to 60 W is sufficient to drive the amplifier. The amp is suitable for all HF bands from 160 to 10m incl. WARC bands, and the 6m band as well.

The remarkable feature of the OM-2000A+ amplifier is the fully automatic operation. No manual tuing required - the amplifier measures the input frequency and adjusts itself automatically. This happens very fast - in about 0.5 secionds withon one band, and in about 3 seconds when changing bands. And this fully automated operation does not even require a CAT connection to the radio, which makes the setup very easy. But of course you can hook up most transceivers via the CAT system to get ven more convenience when operating the amplifier. Another connection the EThernet link to your local network. With the software by OM-Power you have full remote control and surveillance of the amplifier from any computer in the network.

Like all OM-Power amps the OM-2000Aü+ is equipped with all the usual safety mechanisms, for example protection against high SWR, error in anode current or voltage, error in grid current or voltage, hi temperature or open enclosure and much more. A memory stores older faults and helps diagnose such situations larter, after the fact. The 4.3" large colour LC display shows all parameters and the operating condition in an easy to read manner. Further this dislay is also the only operating control - it is is a touch panel. The power supply is done with one single 230V AC supply, power intake is approx. 3 kVA.

-Remarkablefeatures of OM-Power OM-2000A+

-Automatic band switching

-Automatic tuning

-Automatic band filter selection

-Easy to read display also for fault diagnosis

-Fault memory

-Three selectable operating modes for the cooling system (two fans)

-QSK capable T/R switching with vacuum relay

-The AC transformer can be removed easily for transport

-Remote control and surveillance via standard Ethernet netowrk

Technical Data OM-2000A+

Rango de frecuencias 1.8-29.7 MHz, 50-52 MHz

Potencia de salida SSB (HF) 2000 W

CW (HF) 2000 W

RTTY (HF) 1500 W

Potencia de salida SSB (50 MHz) 1500 W

CW (50 MHz) 1500 W

Potencia de entrada 40 – 60 W

Impedancia Entrada 50 Ω (VSWR ≤ 1.5:1)

Impedancia Salida 50 Ω unbalanced

Amplificación 17 dB

ROS max. (salida) 3:1

SWR protection Autom. switch off when reflected power ≥ 350W

Intermodulation distortion ≤ 32 dBc

Spurious emission suppression 1.8 – 30 MHz ≥ 50 dBc

30 – 54 MHz ≥ 70dBc

Tuning Speed 0.5s in band, max. 3 s out of band

Elecraft, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec Orion, Yaesu [1]

Tubo FU-728F

Ventilador 1x radial, 1x axial

Tensión de entrada 200,220,230,240 VAC 50/60Hz

Medidas 390 x 195 x 370 mm (W x H x D)

Peso 24 kg
Datos Técnicos
Product Name OM-2000A Plus
Opción de control remoto
Potencia máx. [W] 2000 W