Pactor TRXPTC for internal installation

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The TRXPTC is a modem board for installation into nearly any transceiver. The board offers three connector rows for internal cabling of the required signals. Externally the TRXPTC uses a Bluetooth connection to the computer (requires a Bluetooth interface in the computer).

The benefit of this solution is the reduced space requirements, no need to isntall an external modem. Additionally the Bluetooth connection offers the best flexibility and convenience when using the system.

The TRXPTC supports all modes known from the traditional PTC: Pactor-1 and -2 (Pactor-3 requires an optional license upgrade), Amtor, RTTY, Packet Radio, PSK31 and many more. Futhermore the device supports CAT control of most transceivers, the connection to a NMEA capable GPS device etc. Size: 60 x 90mm.
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Product Name TrxPTC
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