FoxRex-144 Foxoring Receiver Nouveau

FoxRex-144 FoxRex-144

Similar to the well know 80m receiver Foxrex-3500 (see below) the VHF foxoring receiver FoxRex-144 offer a great solutuon for VHF fox hunting. The receiver is built into a solid aluminium profile, which at the same time functions as the boom for three antenna elements. So the antenna is a three element Yagi antenna with good directionality, suitable for direction finding on 2m (144 MHz). The element construction follows an idea of WB2HOL and are made from flexbile steel tapes, in fact they are recycled tape measures. This makes the antenna nearly undestructible and extremely lightweight.

The central antenna boom houses the receiver, an LC display, the rechargeable battery and all controls. A coaxial DC connector is used for charging the battery with a 12 V supply. This is very useful, because you can recharge the battery while driving in your car to the foxoring competition. A 3.5mm headphone plug serves as an On/Off switch, i. e. operation is only possible with a headphone (32 Ω).

All operating controls of the FoxRex-144 are arranged in a well thought out layout: easy to reach and not to interfere with operation while on the chase to the transmitter site. An LC display with a size if 2x8 characters shows frequency, timer, the current transmitter and many other details. A slide switch selects the mode: normal operation, attenuator operation, menu programming. A rotary encoder with push button serves as main control for the menu settings. On the side a separate volume control is located. A small microprocessor controls the receiver functions, i. e. frequency, timer, alarms and so on. It supports various foxoring modes, as they are used in official international competions around the amateur radio world.

The receiver itself is a superhet design with 107 MHz IF and a quartz filter. A quartz controlled PLL is used for sufficiently precsie frequency control, the frequency range is from 143.9 to 148.1 MHz. The sensitivity is 0.1 µV, absolutely sufficient for the ranges used at regular foxoring events. An adjsutable attenuator helps in close range detection of the transmitter. The signal strength is show as a bar graph in the LC display and also presented as an acoustic signal in the headphone. The processor can be calibrated in respect to the transmitter output power, with this calibration a rough distance estimation is made. Depending on the selected competion mode (European style, chinese style etc.) up to 11 frequencies for different foxes can be stored. The built in battery supports the receiver for about 30 hours, an automatic power down mode prevents accidental deep discharge. The weight of the Foxrex-144 is only 530 g.

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Download: User Manual Foxrex-144 (PDF, EN, 4.6MB)

FoxRex-3500 Récepteur pour chasse au renard

FoxRex-3500 FoxRex-3500 RX ARDF

Le FoxRex-3500 est basé sur le design ayant fait ses preuves du récepteur 'FJRX85' de N. Roethe, DF1FO. Le client peut par conséquent s'attendre à un récepteur léger et solide, facile à utiliser, même lors en compétition.

Le Foxrex-3500 couvre la gamme de fréquences allnt de 3490 à 3660 kHz (bande 80m). Il peut mémoriser jusqu'à 4 fréquences, les modes habituels de chasse au renard comme 'Classic', 'Sprint', etc. sont pris en charge. Une minuterie rappelle au chasseur la fin prochaine de la transmission d'un balise. La fréquence de réception peut être facilement réglée au pas de 100 Hz pendant le déplacement.

Le récepteur est installé dans un boîtier en aluminium solide et est livré avec deux antennes. L'ensemble de l'installation est suffisamment robuste pour que le chasseur puisse couper par les sous-bois lors d'une chasse, ceci sans endommager l'appareil. Le FoxRex-3500 est facile à utiliser, grâce à ses deux boutons-poussoirs, la direction de réception peut être commutée pour une recherche précise de la direction de l'émetteur. Une indication optique (afficheur LCD) et sonore (casque) de la puissance du signal permettent au chasseur de s'orienter facilement sans avoir à s'arrêter.

L'alimentation est fournie par une batterie rechargeable intégrée, le constructeur mentionne une autonomie d'environ 40 heures. La batterie peut être chargée par une source de 12 VDC, ceci est utile car vous pouvez recharger le récepteur dans la voiture. Une LED indique l'état de charge de la batterie. Un atténuateur intégré peut être ajusté au pas de 5 dB jusqu'à -110 dB. La sélectivité du récepteur est d'environ -40 dB à 8 kHz, ce qui est tout à fait suffisant pour un récepteur ARDF.

Pour l'opération, un casque d'écoute est requis. Le fabricant recommande un casque stéréo d'impédance 32 Ω, le connecteur est une prise stéréo standard de 3,5 mm. Une simple paire d'écouteurs est inclus.

  • FoxRex-3500
  • Nombre de renards ajustable de 2 à 10
  • 4 mémoires de fréquences
  • Fonction Lock
  • Timer balise ajustable
  • Différents modes ARDF: Classic, Sprint, Foxoring, 'Czech' etc
  • Indicateur acoustique de proximité
  • S-mètre acoustique
  • Estimation de distance
  • Langages du menu: Allemand, Anglais
  • Calibration de la tension batterie
  • Calibration de la fréquence
  • Calibration de l'atténuateur
  • Extinction automatique
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Téléchargement: Manuel de l'utilisateur Foxrex-3500 (PDF, EN, 4.5MB)
Download: Bedienungsanleitung Foxrex-3500 (PDF, DE, 0.7MB)

RED-FOX-144, RED-FOX-3500 Foxoring Transmitter Nouveau

RED-FOX Sender

The RED-FOX Foxoring transmitters are very small and light transmitters for ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding). They correspond partially to the official rules for ARDF competitions (Foxoring) and make it very easy to start practicing for a competition. The transmitters are equipped with two wires as a dipole antenna. This results in a range of approx. 100 to 300m for the 80m transmitter and up to 500m for the 2m transmitter, depending on the terrain. The transmitting power is less than 0.1 mW. The power supply is provided by a CR2032 button cell included in the scope of delivery, such a cell is sufficient for 30-40 hours of operation. An on/off switch is installed, a red LED flashes when the transmitter is switched on. The transmitters are only offered as open circuit boards as displayed, without housing. They are not weatherproof.

The RED-FOX ARDF transmitters are available in different versions. Currently the 80m transmitter is delivered as Rev. 1. In this version a continuous keying in CW with dots is sent as soon as the device is switched on. It is planned to offer a Rev. 2 later, which then continuously transmits the competition-compliant signals MOE, MOI, MOS, MOH and MO5. The Rev. 2 transmitters are factory programmed to one of these five transmission codes. If you are able to program an AVR controller, you can change it, the firmware is freely available. The transmission frequency is uniformly 3579 kHz.

The ARDF transmitters for 144 MHz are available in five variants, programmed with the signals MOE, MOI, MOS, MOH and MO5. If you are able to program an AVR controller, you can change it, the firmware is freely available. The signals are transmitted continuously, without pause. The transmission frequency is 144.002 MHz. Please indicate variant 1-5 when ordering.

A RED-FOX DF transmitter is included with each of the FoxRex receivers offered above. So you can start practicing right away, or demonstrate the direction finder on a fieldday or during a public event.

ARDF-144-1E Transmitter RedFox 2m Band Rev. 2 (144.002 MHz, "E") 30.00 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
ARDF-144-2I Transmitter RedFox 2m Band Rev. 2 (144.002 MHz, "I") 30.00 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
ARDF-144-3S Transmitter RedFox 2m Band Rev. 2 (144.002 MHz, "S") 30.00 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
ARDF-144-4H Transmitter RedFox 2m Band Rev. 2 (144.002 MHz, "H") 30.00 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
ARDF-144-55 Transmitter RedFox 2m Band Rev. 2 (144.002 MHz, "5") En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
ARDF-TX-3500 ARDF Transmitter RedFox 80m Band Rev. 1 (3579 kHz) 20.00 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
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