5070MOX - 6m/4m Dual band Moxon Antenne

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Compact 2 Band Beam for 4m/6m

A very compact antenna for the 4 and 6m band. With the design with Moxon elements as radiators we achieve several benefits like for example the very short boom length, an excellent front/back ratio of more than 30 dB and a large bandwidth. An other benefit is the 50 Ω design, which let's u s avoid the use of a lossy balun as transforming element, the feed line is connected directly to the radiator. Only one feed line is required for both bands. The small weight of only 3 kg makes this antenna also suitable for vacations and DX-peditions. Packing size only 153 x 10 x 10cm.
Données techniques
Product Name 5070MOX
Nº. conecteurs 1
Mono-/Multiband Bi-bande
Marque EAntenna
Bandes supportées 6m, 4m
Wind Surface (m²) 0,07
Nombre d'éléments 2
Longuer boom [cm] 86 cm
Gamme de fréquences 50 - 52 + 70 - 70.5 MHz
Polarisation Horizontal
Diamètre de flèche (boom) 30x30 mm
Haubanage Non
Type d'antenne Antenne directionelle
Conception de l'antenne Yagi
Strut non
Fixation Antenne Montage au centre

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