PwrGate Charge controller, UPS switcher

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West Mountain Radio introduces the newly developed RR-PwrGate to handle automated switching and charging of stae-of-the-art battery technologies. The PwrGate combines power sources like a power supply or a solar panel, a rechargeable battery and a load and handles all components automatically.

As long as power is available from the power supply or solar panel, the load is connected to this supply. At low loads the battery is recharged. When the power supply fails the load is fed from the battery. The fail-over switching is handled automatically and without interruption. The PwrGate itself introduces only a drop voltage of 0.05V, thereby greatly reducing heat losses. For this reason the switch and regulator does not need a large heat sink.

All power connectors for supply, solar panel, load and battery are made with Anderson PowerPoles. The maximum current is 40A, the max. voltage is 16V for the power supply and 30V for the solar panel. By setting internal jumpers the technology of the battery is selected (lead acid, AGM or LiFePO4). Detailed parameters like charge voltage and charge current can be set individually over the integrated USB interface. To reduce contact resistance the Pwrgate does not utilize fuses! The user is responsible for using proper equipment which has fuses on the load, for example the RigRunner power distributors.

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-USB-Micro cable

-4 pcs retention clips for PowerPole connectors
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