Hustler GP G7 Antenne omnidirectionelle 144 MHz

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The Hustler monoband omni directional antennas for VHF are made for stationary, land based installation. The rugged construction is made to last, the max. rated windspeed is approx. 160 km/h. The useable bandwidth is approx 6 MHz at an SWR of 2:1 or better, there are various models for different band segments. The radiator is grounded, which protects the radio against static discharge.

The radiator of the Hustler G7 antenna VHF monoband is 470cm long, which consists of three segments (3x 5/8 Λ). Four rods with a length of approx- 50cm make uup the counterpoise system. The antenna has to be aligned to frequency before use, just loosen the clamps of the radiator segments and adjust the length of the antenna. For aligment a simple SWR meter is sufficient, or you follow the table of recommended lengths (measures in inch). Due to the precise alignment to the operating frequency the performance is maximised, no compromise for unecessary wide bandwidths.
Données techniques
Gain DBI (dB) 7
Bandes supportées 2m
Longuer [m] 7717