Wire dipoles - versatile and powerful

In the beginning was the dipole - at least in antenna technology. And even today, a wire dipole is still considered one of the most versatile and flexible antennas. It offers good performance with simple construction, high reliability and versatile installation options. No matter whether you hang up the antenna as a sloper, stretched or inverted vee - the wire dipole can do everything. For limited space, multiband antennas such as the G5RV, trap dipoles or W3DZZ are available. WiMo manufactures and supplies dipoles from various manufacturers in a huge selection... and here you get the overview.


Kelemen Wire antennas are particularly lightweight. This makes them attractive for the holiday resort or for less solid suspension points, for example a GRP mast. The lightweight construction is achieved, among other things, by using copper stranded wire (instead of steel stranded wire). Furthermore, the baluns are not potted but housed in a weatherproof and transparent polycarbonate case. Instead of ferrite cores the traps are wound as an air coil made of Teflon coaxial cable. This makes them not only light but also resistant to high voltage.

Kelemen wire antennas are available as multiband dipoles for different power levels. The composition of the bands follows the attractiveness of the bands or the demand from the market as well as the technical feasibility in series production. For example, there is also a "DO-Dipole" for the bands 80, 15 and 10m. There are also antennas for the relatively new 60m band.

Another category are the Kelemen monoband dipoles. These antennas also benefit from the lightweight construction and are therefore well suited for travelling.

For a few bands double dipoles are available.

Here you can find the Kelemen wire antennas.

Hari Antennen

Hari-Antennas are characterized by a particularly robust construction. The radiator is made of plastic-coated steel wire. This enables high tensile stress for perfect installation between two fixed guying points. The necessary components such as insulators and baluns are of solid construction and can also withstand these high tensile stresses. The fully encapsulated baluns are absolutely waterproof and will last for many decades without any problems. The same applies to the blocking circuits of the multiband dipoles. The classic wave trap dipoles are available for the most common bands and band combinations. They are available in different power ratings. The balun is potted just like the traps.

Hari Dipol

The G5RV dipoles from Hari are supplied with a matching chicken ladder and offer very flexible multiband operation with a matching tuner. The chicken ladder can be connected either directly or via a matching tuner by coaxial cable. These dipoles are available as ZS6BKW version. Here the dipole and also the necessary transformation line (chicken conductor) is usually somewhat shorter and fits thus in still more gardens. But Hari also manufactures other types of wire antennas like loops or long wire antennas, as well as windom and moniband antennas.

Here you can find the Hari wire antennas.


For many years EAntennahas made an international name for itself through Rod, EA7JX with its antenna production. Since the takeover by WiMo in summer 2018 the antennas are developed and manufactured in Germany - further by Rod with his great experience, supplemented by German manufacturing know-how. The range of wire antennas from EAntenna is very wide, the outstanding feature is the availability of baluns even for very high performance. The antennas are manufactured with plastic-coated steel wire, the baluns are weatherproofed in an aluminium tube. All other metal components like clamps and screws are made of stainless steel.

EAntenna Bazooka

EAntenna offers classic Windom or G5RV dipoles as well as Bazooka antennas. These dipoles are characterized by a particularly large bandwidth, you usually do not need a tuner and can therefore work at full power.

Another speciality of EAntenna are the fan dipoles. Here several uncut dipoles are led parallel and connected to a common balun. This allows efficient antennas for each band without losses due to traps.

Here you can find the wire antennas of EAntenna.