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LDG Company Overview

LDG has been a leader in the development of automatic antenna matching devices (tuners) for many years. As early as 1995, LDG Electronics pioneered the switched-coil automatic RF tuner. The tuner, controlled by a microprocessor, eliminates the need for manual tuning of capacitors and inductors, and the software automatically finds a match in seconds. Today, more than twenty-five years later, LDG has grown into an industry leader offering a wide range of tuners and other amateur products. By refining the original design with new tuning algorithms and improved components, LDG tuners define the state of the art.


Company locationMaryland, USA

FounderDwayne Kincaid

In Stock since1996

Products in stock30

Total weight of all
LDG products at WiMo450 kg!

Product categories

Desktop: LDG's desktop tuners are perfect for the station table, but can also be used portably or mobile if required. The various models are suitable for RF powers from 100 to 1000 watts. LDG's generic tuners work with almost any transceiver.
Zero Power: LDG's "Zero Power" tuners consume only a few microwatts of power in standby mode, making them ideal for portable or mobile use. They can easily run on batteries and are compact and lightweight. Perfect for use in your go box or portable backpack.
Remote Tuners:LDG's remote tuners are designed to be installed at or near the antenna feed point. They are weatherproof, fully automatic and controlled remotely from the station. The power supply and control signals are transmitted via the coaxial cable; no additional cables are required.
Accessories: LDG offers a wide range of baluns and ununs that allow you to connect all kinds of antennas to the LDG tuners. In addition, interface cables for common transceivers are also available.



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Things to know about LDG Electronics

The first LDG tuner appeared as a build article in QST magazine (January 1996) and was available as a kit. The article and kit were very popular, and founder Dwayne Kincaid (WD8OYG) started LDG to build on the success of the design. LDG continues to be a family business, as Dwayne's son David is now also involved, bringing new skills and ideas to the table. In 2010, the company acquired S9Antennas to expand its product line. Today, LDG continues to bring new and exciting products to the amateur market from its labs in southern Maryland.

Great products at WiMo

The z-817 QRP tuner is intended for use with devices such as the Yaesu FT-817 or FT-818, but of course also works with any other QRP device. The fully automatic tuning is done from a transmit power of 0.1 watts, the power consumption is only a few micro amps in stby.
The LDG Z-11 Pro II is one of LDG's 'Zero Power' tuners because it consumes extremely little power. With internal batteries (optional) or external power supply, the tuner can be used universally at home or on the road.
A versatile automatic antenna tuner is the LDG AT-100 PRO II. This covers 1.8-54 MHz and features a two-position antenna switch that allows instant switching between two antennas.
With the LDG AT-600 PRO II you get a universal automatic tuner for use with medium sized amplifiers with up to 600 watts of power on SSB or CW from 1.8 - 54 MHz.

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DV-Mega Euronode Hotspot
DV-Mega Euronode Hotspot



Before you install the new update on your DV Euronode, please note the following: The current update may take a little longer than you expect. Sometimes it is 60 seconds, sometimes 3 to 4 minutes. This depends a little on the size of the updates, the load on the server and the local connection. At various times, the display will show "Done". In this case, however, "Done" does not mean "finished" but rather "Please be patient a little longer". The update is only really completed when "Finished" appears

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European Union DX Contest 2022
European Union DX Contest 2022


"All participants from the European Union will experience the fun of being a "multiplier" in a worldwide contest." (European Union DX Contest Club)

This year again the annual EU DX Contest will take place on the first weekend in February (05.-06.02.).

The contest starts at 6pm, lasts exactly 24 hours and of course WiMo will be part of it again this year. We sponsor 2 HAMRADIOGUIDES which will be raffled among all participants (one for EU stations, one for Dx stations) who have

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