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RAU Antenna Rotator

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Contenu de la livraison

  • Rotor satellite
  • Matériau de montage des connecteurs
RAK/BigRAK: Applicable for easy constructions as for example yagis or heavy short wave antennas. RAU: for smaller antenna system for VHF or shortwave. Mechanical parts consists of worm gear with worm and wormwheel, made from steel (as shown on the picture), guaranteeing long, continuous work and high reliability. The advantage is the possibility of alignment of worm and wormwheel holding down, what makes possible to eliminate side play in driving gear, which can appears after long usage time. The surface is painted with anti-corrosion paint.
Données techniques
Product Name RAU
Temperature Range -20°C - +50°C
Marque Spid
Diamètre du tuyau en bas/en haut 50/50
Type de rotor azimutal
Vitesse de rotation (360°) 45
Angle de rotation (°) 360 °
Capacité de charge [kg] 158 kg
Diamètre du tube rotatif 50 mm
Poids [kg] 8.00 kgs

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