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VC-5000-10 Antenne Omnidirectionnelle 5GHz, 10 dB, N-Mâle

79,00 €
TVA inclus, frais de port non inclus 66,39 €

Désolé, ce produit n´est plus disponible.

Use indoors or outdoors, either mount to wall with optional bracket (see below), or mount on top of equipment rack. For vehicle use (antennas are weatherproof) suitable N base mounts are available.
Données techniques
Product Name VC-5000-12
Couleur Blanc
Resistant aux intemperies Si
Gain 5 GHz [dBi} 7
Marque WiMo
Mono-/Multiband Mono bande
Polarisation Vertical
Type d'antenne Antenne omnidirectionnelle
Conception de l'antenne VHF/UHF Omni
Dimensions 20ø x 424
Poids [kg] 0.18 kgs

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