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WifiMetrix Analyseur de canaux Wifi

WifiMetrix Analyseur de canaux Wifi

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WifiMetrix is an analysis tool for network professionals. The Channel Analyser monitors the 2.4 or 5 GHz band and shows the percentage usage of the channels. The signal generator generates a transmission signal with which antennas can be aligned or compared. Regardless of whether you want to design WLAN networks, test existing networks or find an error in the WLAN - the WifiMetrix is a tool that helps you with these tasks. The portable, battery-operated device has two operating modes: receiver (WifiProbe) and transmitter (Airhorn).

WifiProbe - Receiver Operations

When operating as a receiver, the currently selected channels are permanently measured, either at 2.4 or 5 GHz. What is displayed is not simply the signal level, but the actual time allocation of the channel. This is qualitatively completely different from a simple level measurement, because this would not tell you how much a channel is actually occupied. On each channel, the actual data packets are detected and measured for about 1 second. This results in a percentage of time occupation of this channel. This result is represented either graphically by a bar chart or in a table with numerical values.

In contrast to simple apps on the smartphone, which simply show the signal level of an accesspoint, this measurement is based on the actual time allocation of a channel by all subscribers (access points and clients). This gives a much clearer picture of how well the available radio spectrum is actually used and where there is still room for more services. The display is done with a bar chart over the channels, in conjunction with an error distribution of the measured value. Alternatively, the data can also be displayed as a numeric table. The monitored data is not decoded, this is not possible for obvious security reasons. This means also that no SSID or other WLAN data is displayed. The measurement works independently of the WLAN encryption, because only the duration of the data packets is measured.

Airhorn - Transmitter Operation

When using the WifiMetrix as a transmitter (Airhorn mode) you can compare antennas or align them, or analyse a transmission path. Different operating modes of the transmitter allow automatic selection of all possible channels or transmission on a selected channel. For transmissions on only one channel, it is possible to select the transmission mode (802.11 Wifi data packets or pure RF signal), additionally a pulse mode is possible. The transmitted signal can be received with a second WifiMetrix, a suitable client device or a smartphone with a suitable app. The advantage of using WifiMetrix as a transmitter over attempts with an access point is that a clearly defined state of the transmitter can be set much more precisely. This is essential for comparative measurements of antennas or for comparing cables. Another measurement allows the assessment of transmission paths, for example inside a building.

Of course, you can set the transmit power level in 'Airhorn' mode, the level can be adjusted from 2 to 18 dBm in 1 dBm steps. The transmitted signal is either a wifi data packet with random data or a pure RF signal with the bandwidth of a simple 802.11 channel (22 MHz). A precisely adjustable signal generator is also always useful for other measurements, e. g. for testing the effectiveness of shielding measures on a board, or as a signal source for cable measurements or for antenna development.

Wifimetrix Other Features

The WifiMetrix comes with a small omnidirectional antenna for both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, as well as a USB cable that can be used to charge the internal battery. The antenna connection is SMA, of course you can also connect cables and other antennas, depending on the type of measurement. A calibration mode requires a 50 Ω terminating resistor (included). The calibration compensates for the inherent noise of the receiver to enable a more accurate measurement. The LC display is backlit and the contrast can be adjusted via the menu. The built-in LiIon battery allows mains independent portable operation for about one day. WifiMetrix is supplied in a sturdy metal housing, and a black rubber frame protects against the harsh everyday use.

-Included in shipment

-WifiMetrix Device

-Omnidirectional antenna 2.4/5 GHz

-50 Ω terminating resistor

-USB cable
Données techniques
Supply Voltage 5V via USB
Dimensions 120 x 76 x 33 mm
Poids [kg] 0.26 kgs


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