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Contrôleur rotatif numérique YRC-1

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Contenu de la livraison

  • Unité de contrôle du rotor
  • Câble d'alimentation de 1,7 mètre
  • Jeu de connecteurs à 5 broches
  • Manuel d'instruction en anglais
For YAESU Rotators, offers many more features than the original controller.

The YRC-1 is a direct replacement for many Yaesu rotor controllers, which offers more features and which offers a better over voltage protection. In case of loss of the original the YRC-1 is most often the cheaper alternative, also because the original controllers are hard to come by.

Operation of the YRC-1 is very simple: just select the desired direction and press "Rotate" and you are done. This pre-selection is an option not found on most smaller controllers. Of course normal left/right buttons are available as well. Additionally a 180° reverse button is offered. This is useful to test long path or short path propagation on shortwave.

The currently set direction is shown on a large, back lit LC display. Other items whioch are displayed are: the own call sign, the reverse direction, the desired direction and the heading. In case of a technical problem the display shows motor or cable as hint's where the problem might be located. An adjustable "coast" time (1 to 10 sec) let's you set the time, in which the controller turns off the motor before reaching it's final position. This greatly helps in preventing an over swing of the heavy antenan system. Other parameters include a constant offset, in case the last storm has turned the antenna a bit. The end position can be set to north or south. The YRC-1 offers a USB interface which allows easy integration into the shack.

The power supply is built into the YRC-1X, supply is 240 VAC. SIzes 16 x 10 x 17 cm, weight approx. 2.8 kg. Useable with Yaesu rotors G-450, G-650, G-800, G-1000, G-2800.
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Product Name YRC-1X
Marque MFJ

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