WiMo Open House

Open House Day on 11. May 2019, from 10:00 until 16:00h

Here you will find driving instructions.

The next Open House Day will take place on 11. May 2019, from 10:00h on!

Open House at WiMo

The barbecue is ready...

Twice a year we have an Open House event at WiMo, one in spring, one in autumn. Since the weather usually is better in spring we combine that event with our traditional barbecue. So you will be able to eat steaks and German 'Wuerstchen' from the barbecue in addition to other food which we have as well.

But the main reason for our Open House is to introduce the latest amateur radios and accessories to you. There is plenty of opportunity to play and test radios and antennas, chat with other visitors, our staff or staff from the radio manufacturers

Inspect antennas close up

Outdoors on the road and parking lot we show many antennas, so you have time to inspect them closely. A selection of permanently installed antennas (beam, wideband, verticals, magnetic loop, etc.) are available in our showroom for live tests on a radio (receive only, no transmit operation).

The highlight of the afternoon is the tombola. Each registered visitor takes part in that tombola with many small and large prizes of ham radio related articles. We would like to thank the sponsors, manufacturers and publishers for the prizes they offer. The only condition: you have to be present for the prize drawing...

Highlight in the afternoon: the tombola

So the WiMo Open House event offers a nice meeting point and opportunity to exchange ideas with other YLs and OMs. We are looking forward to meet you at our Open House day!

More pictures

Tech Talk in the showroom
A lot of space to browse
Highnoon, time for delicious steaks and 'wuerstchen'.
As every year - Erwin commands the barbecue
A lot of interest around the exhibits