Heil Microphones and headset

HEIL manufactures predominantly professional microphones and PABX systems. Well, but since the boss is a ham operator...

The boomsets from HEIL are well known all over the world and are used during contests and with most major DXpeditions. Several different models are available featuring a choice of ear pads. The headband is adjustable for maximum comfort; the tiny little microphone is integrated into the flexible and bendy boom that can be swiveled upwards for travel or storage.

Most boomsets are available with two or three different microphone cartridges: The HC-5 type is the microphone cartridge for everyday ragchewing on 80m; the HC-4 is engineered with a frequency response designed to cut through the pile-ups and therefore well suited for DXpeditions and contests. The HC-6 is a new wide band element.

The connectors are standardized; all Heil Boomsets require the appropriate adapter to mate them to your particular model TRX, e.g. adaptors are available for YAESU/KENWOOD/ICOM etc. The adaptors are color coded for specific radio models which means you can leave the adapter connected to the radio and simply take the boomset to another TRX.

The long standing problems experiencing not sufficient mike gain with ICOM equipment are solved now: Together with ICOM Bob HEIL developed a new active microphone cartridge featuring condensor technology. The new models create sufficient audio level and are also suitable for VOX operations.
Several new products are now available with this new cartridge.


Proset Elite
Professional Headset with new HC-6 element
Professional Headset with one microphone element
Pro-Set 7
Professional Headset with dynamic microphone capsule or electret capsule
Lightweight Headset with Boommic
Pro Micro
Lightweight Headset with one or two speakers and HC-6 element
Accessories, Cables, Spare parts


Luxury microphone for highest voice fidelity
Studio mic with wide frequency response
Studio class microphone plus HC-5.1 element
Accessories, Cable, Spare parts