Bild IC-7000

Awaited since quite a while - now available in Germany: the new IC-7000 compact transceiver. All modes on all bands: HF, 50MHz, 144MHz and 430MHz.

Based on the unparalleled success of the IC-706 series the IC-7000 offers even more possibilities in an even smaller case. The most obvious feature is the color LCD screen with it's many possibilities. And - like with the 'big' Icoms - the IC-7000 is equipped with a powerful DSP at the IF level, an established and proven technology in amateur radio designs.

The IF DSP offers a lot of possibilities, for example

  • a fast and precise AGC circuit
  • nearly endless options for filters
  • two very sharp manual notch filters
  • digital noise reduction
  • digital noise blanker
  • DSP speech compressor
  • digital voice recorder

With the easy to read LC display (2.5" color TFT) the usage of the IC-7000 has become even more easier, all controls are accesible on the front panel.

One highlight of the color LC screen is the bandscope, also inherited from the 'big' Icom radios. It allows the user to monitor band conditions and activity at a glance. Or use the color multi-instrument, displaying power, SWR, ALC and compressor level all together, even along with the amplifier temperature!

The digital voice recorder allows the transmission of four recordings, most suitable for contesting or calling CQ. And there is more: In up to 99 memories you can record received signals for later playback, up to 25 minutes. Or just jump to the decode screen and monitor RTTY transmission - the decoder is built in.

The maximal power output of the IC-700 is 100 W on HF, 50 W on 2m and 35 W on 70cm. The minimum power on all bands is 2W, making the radio also very suitable for QRP enthusiasts and E-Class licensees in Germany.

The control panel can be removed and installed elsewhere (requires optional separation kit). The included remote control microphone HM-151 with backlit keys allows safe and easy control even while driving.

This radio is out of production since the end of 2013. We show it here for orientation purposes and to show the still available accessories.

Accesories IC-7000

Icom MB-105
Icom MB-106
Order No.
MB-105 Mount for control head 15.50 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
MB-106 Carrying handle 9.80 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
SP-35 Mobile speaker 38.50 € Add to shopping cart New In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
WCS-7000 Programing kit (USB) (see WCS-xx Programming Kits 66.70 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
42914.I-TUN Connector for 'Tuner' socket 9.50 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
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Bild WorldPack

Carry your radio on planes, trains, or on your back.
Holds all mobile radios built in the last 10 years, and specifically designed with the newer HF mini mobiles in mind such as the FT-100 or the IC-706. Also works beautifully carrying the FT-817 along with the Z-11 antenna tuner.

Overall dimensions of the pack: 17" H x 8" W x 3" D.
- Inside dimensions of upper radio compartment: 11½" H x 7½" W x 2.5" D.
- Inside dimensions of the lower power supply compartment: 4½" H x 7½"W x 2½"D
*These are "soft" dimensions. The WorldPack is not a hard box, but is constructed of soft padded fabric. Therefore, if your radio is slightly larger in one dimension or another, the pack can still fit quite well.
There is a clever "elevator" in the upper portion of the pack, that can adjust the height of the radio in your pack. This allows you to raise or lower your radio within the pack, or accommodate shorter radios securely within the pack.

Heavy duty, weather resistant nylon exterior, padded throughout to protect delicate electronic instruments. Contoured shoulder straps keep you cool with their mesh construction. Multiple tie-down points to attach whatever you need to bring along. Shoulder straps have webbing loops to attach your handheld radio in an upright position, and easy to reach by your chest. Higher on the shoulder strap is a point to attach your GPS receiver, so that the antenna gets a full sky view to avoid receiver drop-outs.

Separate lower compartment for power supply with passthrough holes for wiring. To keep your signal clear on those windy mountaintops, we've thrown in a fleece microphone cover to virtually eliminate wind-noise in your mic. Exterior pockets, straps and sleeves for multiple antenna elements with a little extra room for your favorite fishing rod.

Looking down from the top, alongside the right hand side of the pack, you can see that the antenna is held securely in place by a pocket at the bottom, and two Velcro style tie-downs along the body of the pack. The left hand side can carry the extra antennas with an identical pocket at the bottom and an adjustable nylon sleeve running the height of the pack.

The contoured shoulder straps are comfortable and cool for long wear. Webbing cross straps give you a place to attach your handheld, GPS, or other handheld device in antenna-up position. There are other nice little details like the D-ring on the strap adjustment to keep dangling loose strap ends from tickling your arm as you maneuver.

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PPS-WPACK 81.40 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
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