Bild IC-7000

El nuevo IC-7000 es un transceptor compacto, todo-modo y todas las bandas: HF, 50MHz, 144MHz y 430MHz.

El IF DSP ofrece muchas posibilidades:

  • AGC circuito rapido y preciso
  • Un sinfin de posibilidades para los filtros
  • 2 filtros manuales
  • Reductor digital de ruido
  • DSP
  • Grabador digital de voz

Filtro IF digital,filtro de corte manual,doble PBT digital,etc...gracias a sus 2 DSPs integrados.

Grabadora digital de voz (DVR) que permite grabar hasta 25 minutos de conversacion

2 modos de "band scope"(analizador de espectro)que le permiten observar el estado de la banday estaciones cercanas)

Note: The immediately available version of the Icom IC-7000 does not have the european 'e-Mark', required para permanent installion in a vehicle (applies only a vehicles built in or after 2000). This classification cannot be retrofitted, once available. A version with 'e-Mark' is in preparation and will be available mid 2006.

Esta radio está fuera de producción desde finales de 2013. Mostramos aquí a modo orientativo y para mostrar los accesorios aún disponibles

Accesorios para IC-7000

Icom MB-105
Icom MB-106
Articulo No.
MB-105 Mount for control head 15.50 € /  14.72 € Añadir al carro de la compra Disponible, envio en 4 o 5 dis.
MB-106 Carrying handle 9.80 € /  9.31 € Añadir al carro de la compra Disponible, envio en 4 o 5 dis.
SP-35 Potente altavoz por vehículo 38.50 € /  36.58 € Añadir al carro de la compra No disponible, lo tendremos el 25. jun. 2019
HM-151-MOD Modified additional hand microphone HM-151 (see below) 99.00 € /  94.05 € Añadir al carro de la compra Disponible, envio en 4 o 5 dis.
WCS-7000 Programming Kit (USB) (see Kit progr. WCS-xx) 66.70 € /  63.37 € Añadir al carro de la compra Disponible, envio en 4 o 5 dis.
42914.I-TUN Conector por Icom casquillo 'Tuner' 9.50 € /  9.03 € Añadir al carro de la compra Disponible, envio en 4 o 5 dis.
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Modificación de micrófono del IC-7000

Muchos usuarios del nuevo IC-7000 se quejaban de una modulación 'plana' con poco empuje y no muy buen sonido. Ahora puedes cambiar esto: con la modificación del micro original HM151, la modulación mejora considerablemente y el nivel de modulación se incrementa.

Con la modificación se instala una nueva cápsula de micrófono, se modifica la red de adaptación así como la caja (internamente). El micrófono modificado convence con una modulación clara y más fuerte tanto en SSB como en FM o AM. Para hacer la modificación tienes que enviar el micrófono original a WiMo, la modificación cuesta 45,00 Euro incluyendo todas las piezas necesarias.

Icom Mic HM-151


Bild WorldPack

Carry your radio on planes, trains, or on your back.
Holds all mobile radios built in the last 10 years, and specifically designed with the newer HF mini mobiles in mind such as the FT-100 or the IC-706. Also works beautifully carrying the FT-817 along with the Z-11 antenna tuner.

Overall dimensions of the pack: 17" H x 8" W x 3" D.
- Inside dimensions of upper radio compartment: 11½" H x 7½" W x 2.5" D.
- Inside dimensions of the lower power supply compartment: 4½" H x 7½"W x 2½"D
*These are "soft" dimensions. The WorldPack is not a hard box, but is constructed of soft padded fabric. Therefore, if your radio is slightly larger in one dimension or another, the pack can still fit quite well.
There is a clever "elevator" in the upper portion of the pack, that can adjust the height of the radio in your pack. This allows you to raise or lower your radio within the pack, or accommodate shorter radios securely within the pack.

Heavy duty, weather resistant nylon exterior, padded throughout to protect delicate electronic instruments. Contoured shoulder straps keep you cool with their mesh construction. Multiple tie-down points to attach whatever you need to bring along. Shoulder straps have webbing loops to attach your handheld radio in an upright position, and easy to reach by your chest. Higher on the shoulder strap is a point to attach your GPS receiver, so that the antenna gets a full sky view to avoid receiver drop-outs.

Separate lower compartment for power supply with passthrough holes for wiring. To keep your signal clear on those windy mountaintops, we've thrown in a fleece microphone cover to virtually eliminate wind-noise in your mic. Exterior pockets, straps and sleeves for multiple antenna elements with a little extra room for your favorite fishing rod.

Looking down from the top, alongside the right hand side of the pack, you can see that the antenna is held securely in place by a pocket at the bottom, and two Velcro style tie-downs along the body of the pack. The left hand side can carry the extra antennas with an identical pocket at the bottom and an adjustable nylon sleeve running the height of the pack.

The contoured shoulder straps are comfortable and cool for long wear. Webbing cross straps give you a place to attach your handheld, GPS, or other handheld device in antenna-up position. There are other nice little details like the D-ring on the strap adjustment to keep dangling loose strap ends from tickling your arm as you maneuver.

Articulo No.
PPS-WPACK 81.40 € /  77.33 € Añadir al carro de la compra Disponible, envio en 4 o 5 dis.
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