Icom ID-5100E D-Star/FM mobile transceiver dual band

Icom ID-5100E mobile transceiver ID-5100E with HM-207 DTMF microphone

Icom presents with the new ID-5100E a top-class dual bander! This device is a consequent advanced development from the experiences with D-Star and equipment like the ID-31E/ID-51E.

  • Touch screen like the IC-7100
  • Bluetooth control (option)
  • Dualwatch for D-Star
  • Android-App for free
  • Built-in GPS antenna
  • Built-in D-Plus functions
  • Cloning software included

The mobile transceiver ID-5100E is a dual band transceiver for 2m and 70cm. Supported modes are FM and D-Star (plus AM reception in airband). Like other dual bander the ID-5100E also offers two receivers, which makes it possible to monitor two frequencies simultaneously. The improvement: monitor two D-Star frequencies simultaneously, too! Of course combinations like FM/FM or FM/DV are also working. Handling of D-Star with the ID-5100E is as easy-going as with the ID-51E. For this the function of the "home" button has been adopted. Manage and update repeater lists as easily as with the handheld radio via SD card.

For perfect D-Star service a GPS antenna is required of course. This antenna is included with the ID-5100E and is built directly into the control panel. This way D-PRS functions (digital position reporting system) are usable right away. A external GPS antenna is not required anymore! The cleverly designed layout of the display makes it possible to view both postion data and radio data at the same time. Handling is greatly simplified by the touch-controlled display (touch screen), which particularly benefits the safety at mobile operation.

Remarkably is the support of 'D-Plus' reflector functions straight from the device. D-Plus is a software add-on for D-Star relays that offers unproblematic cross-linking over so-called 'D-Star reflectors'. Simplified one can compare a reflector with a chat room where certain regions meet. Control functions for this (connect, disconnecting reflectors etc.) are directly accessible with the ID-5100E. Here Icom has made use of practical experience and picked up radio amateur developed functions!

The optional UT-133 unit extends the ID-5100E mobile transceiver with Bluetooth™ functions, so Bluetooth™ headsets can now be used. This makes "hands free" operation possible, so no more annoying microphone cable and no constant pressing of the PTT button. Another function of the Bluetooth modul UT-133 is the possibility to control the ID-5100E transceiver remotely with a smartphone (Android). For this purpose Icom provides its own Android app for free. Enjoy to simply sit in the garden, control the device remotely and have QSOs via BT headset. :-)

  • Included in shipment ID-5100E
  • ID-5100E Transceiver with operating panel
  • Separation cable
  • DC Cable with fuses
  • HM-207 DTMF Microfone
  • 'Basic Manual' printed
  • Full manual as PDF on CD-ROM
  • Spare Fuse, microfone holder, hardware
Icom ID-5100E mobile transceiver ID-5100E control unit (touch screen)
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Download: Icom brochure ID-5100E (PDF, EN, 1MB)

SF-ID5100 screen protector
SF-ID5100 screen protector