antenna in gomma 2.4GHz, RP-SMA

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  • Robusta antenna in gomma 2.4GHz
While in conventional antennas for consumer applications, rather does not expect that these or similar on mobile data terminals are used which are then often treated according to rough, is described here HD series better for such applications suitable. We are still not secure, that is not expected in the long run with defects, if the devices are worn on the antennas, or are thrown together with the antenna in the trunk! Three versions are available:

· linear Antenna

· 90° bent Antenna

· Antenna with knuckle 0-90°

Even when there's an antenna is designed with a fixed 90-degree angle, yet the use of an articulated joint can be useful. In case of doubt then that is on the knuckle, not the device built-in antenna jack ... All models are available with SMA or RPSMA connectors.
Dati tecnici
Product Name 17009.RSMA
Mono-/Multiband Mono banda
Marca WiMo
Banda supportate Wifi 2.4 GHz
Peso 19 g
Polarizzazione Verticale
Tipo di antenna Antenna omnidirezionale
Design dell' antenna Antenna portatile
Connector RP-SMA
Guadagno [dBi] (nello spazio libero) 2
Guadagno 2.4 GHz [dBi] 2

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