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linea di fase per 2m-Cross-Yagi con connettore N

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Design principles:

-Maximum possible gain at high bandwidth and good side lobe attenuation as well as good f/b ratio. These antennas offer the ultimate performance for the serious V/UHF ham operator for DX and all transmission modes. The basis for the antennas has been designed with the xxNEC computer simulation programs and have been verified by many real-life trials + tests.

-Design optimized for current:

-The inner electrical signature of the perfect yagi asks for homogenous current distribution from the active element to the tip of the antenna. Our yagis were optimized for an ideal current distribution profile. "Older" concepts display sudden current "jumps" between antenna elements which leads to reduced gain and bad side lobe attenuation and low f/b ratio.

-Minimum number of elements

-Other comparable types of yagis require 2-3 elements more and consequently introduce more losses. Keep in mind: Antenna gain mainly depends on the boom length of the antenna and not so much on the number of antenna elements!

-Broadband elements

-The elements used consist of high conductive aluminum material with a diameter of 8 mm. This represents the best compromise of minimizing losses on one hand and resulting wind loads on the other hand. When using thin antenna elements additional losses are being introduced as well as the significant effect of the skin effect in V/UHF frequency range. Yagi designs of such specifications fall short of 0.5 dB in gain mainly caused by bad conductivity!

-Well defined element mounting

-The element mounting displays long-term stability and durability by the use of ultraviolet-resistant Polyamid clamps. The electrical specifications do not alter nor change within many years of use.

-Would the mechanical construction introduce a direct fix of the antenna elements onto the boom by means of clamps it is very likely that corrosion alters the effective element dimensions (electrically) and consequently a slow process of antenna performance degradation would take place!

-G/T optimized, see also G/T-tables from VE7BQH
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Product Name 18051
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