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Easily applied, hand-moldable, tacky black plastic mastic, on peel-away paper backing, suitable for waterproofing a wide variety of connections. Adheres to vinyl and PVC outer jackets. Product is non-conductive, non-contaminating and non-toxic, and UV-stable. Continuous operation from -32 to 85°C, will not crack at -100 °C and will not slump for one hour at 170°C.

Delivery in strips of 25 cm length and 12 mm width, with double-sided protective film.


Remove the protective foil partially. At the start cord and wrap Connectors overlapping cable and plug. Thereafter, the individual layers firmly press around these to be welded together. In this case, a smooth surface to be achieved, entrapped air bubbles are to be pressed.
Dati tecnici
Product Name 23065
Marca WiMo

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