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7/16 DIN spina (15 mm cavo)

14,95 €
incl. IVA, più spese di spedizione 12,56 €

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Volume di consegna

  • Spina DIN 7/16 (cavo da 15 mm)

The 7/16 connector was already developed in the 1960s. The Munich-based company Spinner played a major role in the development.

The 7/16 connectors are preferably used for higher high-frequency applications or if the connection is exposed to mechanical environmental influences.

Dati tecnici
Product Name 42084.15
per cavo Ecoflex-15
Ecoflex-15 Plus
Senza saldatura No
Tipo di montaggio Montaggio a saldare
Angular No
Connector A Spina 7/16"