Ultrabeam 8 Bande Beam, 2 El. 6-40m

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Descrizione del prodotto Dati tecnici
Finally QRV on 30 and 40m!

A small 2 element fullsize beam for the bands from 6 to 20m, and a fullsize rotary dipole on 30 and 40m! And all that without causing too much distress for the neighbours... Ultrabeam changed the matching circuit for the driven element to achieve always a perfect 50 Ω match. This results in a high efficiency also on the 30 and 40m band. On the bands 6 to 20m this yagi achieves the same excellent results as the classic 2 element Ultrabeam.

Like the other 'large' Ultrabeam antennas, the UB 2el 6-40 uses a square boom for high stability. And it uses the same super massive boom plates for the motor units and the elements, resulting in a superb mechanical stability. The balun of the driven element can be switched from 25 to 50 Ohm to match the configuration as rotary dipole as well as a Yagi configuration. For this reason this Ultrabeam model requires a 10 wire control cable.

For this antenna we offer an optional truss kit for the elements. This kit contains a support pillar, which is installed vertically on the boom, plus guying ropes with all mechanical hardware required to install the guy wires to the extremities of the boom.

Included in shipment

    Antenna 12210.2
    Touch Screen Controller RCU-06
    30m control cable with connectors, ready to use. For other lengths see below.
    Mast Clamp for 50 mm rotor tube diameter.

Dati tecnici
Peso [kg] 16.000000
Rotation Radius (m) 5.55
Boom Diameter (mm) 60 x 60
Front Back Ratio 21 MHz (dB) 16
Front Back Ratio 14 MHz (dB) 16
Front Back Ratio 28 MHz (dB) 16
Number of active Elements 28 MHz 2.0000
Number of active Elements 50 MHz 2.0000
Number of active Elements 10 MHz 1.0000
Number of active Elements 24 MHz 2.0000
Number of active Elements 21 MHz 2.0000
Number of active Elements 18 MHz 2.0000
Number of active Elements 14 MHz 2.0000
Number of active Elements 7 MHz 1.0000
Banda supportate 6m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 40m