LTE Omni Antenna, Triband, con 2m cavo, connettore SMA

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Compared to other antennas available on the market, the LTE desk antenna stands out with its attractive, elegant design. This mobile broadband antenna provides a reliable 2G, 3G or 4G/LTE connection and fast data transmission with your mobile broadband modem or router.

A small portable unit contains two separately driven ultra-broadband elements. With the integrated stand, the antenna can be placed on a desk, connected to a laptop or attached to a window. If your mobile reception is weak or the data rates are very low, this antenna is an ideal and fast solution. Quickly packed into the laptop bag, the antenna can be used immediately, e.g. at the airport or in a hotel room.


  • light weight
  • stylish design

Areas of application:

Increasing signal coverage and performance for BTS and CPEs


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