MetroVNA Antenna-/Network-Analyzer FX-700, 100kHz - 700MHz

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The Vector Network Analyzer FX700 is a useful instrument for the amateur radio environment for the development of antennas, filters and measurement of
transmission lines.

It is based on the initial EU1KY * project, has been redesigned, modified the firmware and hardware. It is very advanced and aims to surpass the best features of a commercial VNA without neglecting the simplicity and flexibility of use. It works on the high bands using the harmonic frequencies with good
precision. Due to its small size, low weight and use of a rechargeable battery pack, it is perfectly compatible with all the requirements of a modern Radio Amateur, both in the workshop, shack and outside.

It can be used to

  • Fast check of all antenna parameters
  • Coaxial cable length measurement
  • Export graphics to your computer
  • Detailed screenshots of the measures
  • Quickly measure resonance of multiband antennas
  • Comparison of many types of antennas
  • Generate RF signals
  • Measurement of the series and parallel parameters of the quartz
  • Complete OSL calibration (open,load,short)
  • TDR chart (time domain reflectometer)

It can easily and quickly measure all the parameters of an antenna or a transmission line including:

  • SWR /Returnloss
  • Automatic / best SWR
  • Impedance Z
  • Resistance R
  • Reactance X (sign)
  • Rs/Ls - Rp/Lp

All measurement are displayed simultaneously and can be shown graphically on the display.

Using convenient menus you can choose measurements of multiband antennas, crystals, filters or traps - all with extreme simplicity.

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