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Tarheel M100A-HP e M200A-HP

1.186,90 €
incl. IVA, più spese di spedizione 997,39 €

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High power antenna with a special fingerstock material with 12kg contact pressure, which touches three windings of the coil simultaneously for best power handling. The body of the coil is made of glass fibre.

This antenna is often used as a stationary antenna. For installation on a mast please us the mount MT-1 with additional radials. Installation close to the ground is also possible, again with the MT-1 a ground peg, and optionally with the radial kit. The more radials you have the better the perfomance will be.

The M100A-HP and M200A-HP differ only in the length of the motor/coil unit at the bottom. The M100A-HP has a 30cm shorter motor unit and is better suited for top mount on a vehicle, or at any location without obstructions in the vicinity. The motor unit of the M200A-HP is longer and better suitable for sidemount on a vehicle, where the longer unit helps to let the coil reach above the vehicle cabin. For fixed installations at home both antennas are equally suitable.
Dati tecnici
Product Name M100A-HP
Mono-/Multiband Multibanda
Marca Tarheel
Banda supportate 80m
Altezza 335
Tipo di antenna Antenna omnidirezionale
Design dell' antenna Mobile Antenna (Screwdriver)

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