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OM-1002+ 2m-Transistor-Lineare 1000W

2.565,00 €
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OM-Power does not only manufacture very powerful amplifiers for shortwave, but for VHF (2m) as well. The amps OM-1002+ and OM-2002+ offer 800 and respectively 1600W PEP in SSB, which is more than enough for EME and contest operations. The amplifiers are equipped with Freescale N-channel power MOSFET transistors for a worry-free continous operation. With round-about 10kg both power amps are still useasble for portable or expedition purposes. All settings are done via an easy to use colour touch display, which also shows the most important informations.

The devices are equipped with a high-quality swithcing power supply, which provides 50V to the finals. For remote control bith amps are equipped with an Ethernet connection. A Windows software provided for free from the manufacturer allows the control and setting of the most important operating parameters.
Dati tecnici
Product Name OM-1002
Output Power W (W) 800
Spurious Emmission (dB) ≤ -70
Amplification (dB) typ. 19 dB
Display 4.3" Touch Screen LCD, 480 x 272 Pixel
Protection Measures SWR, Stromaufnahme, Eingangsleistung, , Ausgangsleistung, Ruecklauf, Verstaerkung, Spannung, Innentemperatur
Potenza mass. [W] 1000 W
Size W x H x D 318 x 144 x 362
Peso [kg] 9.50 kgs

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