Alimentatore switching 28A

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  • Alimentatore con cavo di alimentazione a 230 V con spina di sicurezza (Schuko)
Compatto alimentatore switching da 28/50A.

These power supplies offer in a small case everything the radio amateur needs. The power supplies are either switched to fixed 13.8V, or to a variable output voltage between 9 and 15V. The maximum current may be up to 28A (PSU-1228, 20A continous) or 50A (PSU-1250, 40A continous). This is sufficient for all 100W transceivers. The built-in fan is temperature controlled. With little load the fan does not run at all, the PSU-12xx is absolutely quiet. Only with a longer and higher load the fan starts to run to cool the internal electronics. In cases where interferences occur, the PSU-12xx offers a control which shifts the frequency of the birdies, if required. The back-lit instrument shows (selectable) either Voltage or Current. All controls are conveniently located on the front, the 230VAC and DC connectors are on the rear. The PSU-1228 has the same front panel size and layout as the well known SX- series SWR/power meters and so fits perfectly into the ham shack. The PSU-1250 has the same design but is somewhat larger.
Dati tecnici
Product Name PSU-1228 Powerpole
Ripple (mV) < 80 mVpp @ Nominallast
Fuses 5A
Indicatore di tensione Analogico
Corrente di uscita (continua) 20 A
Corrente di uscita (di picco) 30 A
Protection Measures Kurzschlußfest, Strombegrenzung 28A
Marca WiMo
Peso 1.5 kg
Size W x H x D 150 x 70 x 220 mm

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