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RAK rotore peri antenna

765,00 €
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RAK: Applicable for easy constructions as for example yagis or heavy short wave antennas. RAU: for smaller antenna system for VHF or shortwave. Mechanical parts consists of worm gear with worm and wormwheel, made from steel (as shown on the picture), guaranteeing long, continuous work and high reliability. The advantage is the possibility of alignment of worm and wormwheel holding down, what makes possible to eliminate side play in driving gear, which can appears after long usage time. The surface is painted with anti-corrosion paint.

  • Low voltage - high torque 24VDC (or 12VDC) gear head motor
  • Rotating torque 24/12V version: 366
  • Rotating torque 24/12V version: 583
  • 360 degree revolving time 24/12V version: 60/120 sec.
  • Quiet and powerful self-braking action with double worm drive reduction
  • Uses inexpensive 4-conductor cable
  • Sealed reed switch sensor technology for reliable all weather readout
  • 1 degree positioning accuracy - tight tolerances for minimal play
  • Low voltage DC operation from any 12 volt source (typically 2-5 amps), ideal for camping, DXpeditions, VHF/UHF rovering
  • Rated for large loads even when mounted outside the tower
  • Designed for simple mounting to 50 mm (2") pipe mast - both ends, bottom max. 65mm
  • Mast diameter top (RAK): 30 - 50mm
  • Mast diameter bottom (RAK, RAS, BIG-RAK, BIG-RAS): 45 - 65mm
  • Adaptors available to mate with other common rotator bolt patterns

Dati tecnici
Product Name RAK
Temperature Range -20°C - +50°C
Marca Spid
Diametro tubo fondo/sopra [mm] 66/50
Tipo di rotore azimutale
Velocità di rotazione (360°) 120 sek (12 V); 60 sek (24 V)
Angolo di rotazione (°) 720°
Capacità di carico [kg] 249 kg
Diametro del tubo rotante 50 mm
Peso [kg] 7.00 kgs

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