Kenwood TS-590SG

TS-590SG Transceiver Kenwood TS-590SG

The TS-590SG is a compact 100 W radio for all HF bands incl. 6m.

In the tradition of Kenwoods top class transceivers, the engineers put special attention at an excellent receiver. With the TS-590S Kenwood follows a concept which is not new, but can be found more and more often with current transceivers: down mixing in the first IF. At receive frequencies from 160 to 15m (and at a bandwidth ≤ 2.7 kHz) the first IF is mixed down to 11MHz. This makes the use of very efficient filters possible, just because it is easier to make a good filter at lower frequencies. The result with the new Kenwood transceiver is an excellent blocking dynamic range and superb close-by signal selectivity. The dynamic range of the AGC is influenced only minimally from nearby signals, even at 2 kHz distance the receive still shows a range of more than 100dB. Two cascaded roofing filters in the first IF stage (first filter 6 kHz, second filter selectable 2.7 or 0.5 kHz) further enhance the already excellent receiver characteristics.

The AGC is controlled by a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) at the second IF stage (24 kHz). Here, several accurately aligned control loops produce a well balanced and fast AGC performance. The injections signal of the firxt mixer is generated by a DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer). This results in a very low noise level, because the oscillator signal is also much lower due to down mixer. The net effect is a lower phase noise due to reciprocal mixing in the IF stage, lesss receiver noise. The receiver is very quiet, and with the precise adjustable AGC control even weakest signals can be detected.

But the IF DSP handles many more functions. A dual passband shift for SSB (LSB/USB) is very useful to 'cut' the signal out of the noise and QRM. At FSK, CW or SSB-data modes the DSP acts an IF filter with variable shift and width. Two of those programmable IF filters can be switched very quickly with an A/B switch, a very useful function when searching the band with a wide filter, and closing in on the DX signal with a narrow filter.
Other DSP functions are Auto and Manual Notch filters which are controlled automatically or manually depending on mode. A combination of analog and digital noise blanker cancels even the strongest pulse noise. Finally a two stage noise reduction offers exceptional quality to reduce constant noise and get weak signals out of the background.

The TS-590S transceiver has a solid aluminium die cast chassis. This is helpful to get the heat of the 100 W final amplifier to the outside. Two large and relatively slow fans are used for active cooling, the slow speed helps to reduce the noise from the fans. A built-in antenna tuner matches nearly any coax fed antenna. Selectable transmit bandwidths and a built-in equalizer result in a perfect audio modulation, regardless of the situation. Telegraphy enthusiasts can connect two keys at the same time, a paddle and a straight key (or a paddle and a computer keyer). The TS-590S offers full- and semi- BK operation, a memory keyer, automatic CW zero-beat tuning and much more. Digital mode users enjoy the direct connection between tzransceiver and computer by a USB interface, which also acts as an audio interface. A Data-VOX function is useable also via the ACC connectors.

Despite the many functions of the Kenwood TS-590S the operation of the radio is very easy. The most important functiosn are easily reachable by the front panel, less often used functions are accessible via a clever menu system. The LED backlit display can be set to two different colours (amber, green). A speacial feature of the transceiver is the USB connection. It allows the direct connection to a computer for CAT control and audio data, the transceiver behaves like an independent sound card. With this connection an extra sound card interface might become unnecessary. Kenwood offers a free software to program and control the radio (see Kenwood website).

The newer version TS-590S"G" benefits from the experiences collected when developing the flagship TS-990S transceiver. Improvements were applied not only to the receiver but also to practical functions like CW decode, and to cosmetic details as well. See the following list for a complete list of the new features of the TS-590SG:

  • Improved dynamic range of the receiver
  • Improved AGC behaviour by DSP
  • New CW decoder visible in the display or via the ARCP-590G Software
  • Multi/CH button with new function
  • RIT/XIT/CL can be assigned functions like PF A / PF B buttons
  • New split function (as TS-990S)
  • TX equalizer settinsg per mode
  • TX Power Spike suppression (as TS-990S)
  • FIL A/B setting independent per VFO (useful for split ops)
  • Tri colour LED illumination of the display
  • "DRV OUT" can be assigned "ANT OUT" function (useful for use with Pan-adapter)
  • VFO button finish (as TS-990)
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Download: Brochure TS-590SG (PDF, English, 2.1MB)
Download: ARCP-590 Remote control software TS-590SG

TS-590SG Special Edition 70th Anniversary Kenwood

TS-590SG Special Black Edition TS-590SG Special Black Edition

Kenwood is celebrating the 70th anniversary of it's existence with a special edition of the highly successful TS-590SG HF Transceiver! The 'special black edition' will be available in a limited quantity - only 150 units for Europe. The differences to the standard model are cosmetically, but very appealing: the Kenwood logo and model designation are printed in gold colour, also some design details of the main tuning knob. The fornt plate is made of a very süecial black material with embedded glassflakes, which gives the transceiver an elegant shine.

The entire WiMo crew wishes Kenwood all the best, many thanks for the excellent service and the fine products. We are looking forward to the next 70 years (or even better 73 years)! :)

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TS-590SG.70 TS-590SG Special Black Edition 1799.00 € New Unfortunately this product is not available anymore. Sorry.
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Offer valid while supply lasts.

Accessories TS-590S, TS-590SG

Dust Cover DC-TS590 Dust cover for TS-590
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SO-3 Temperature controlled crystal oscillator (TCXO) 190.00 € Unfortunately this product is not available anymore. Sorry.
VGS-1 Voice announcement, voice recorder 99.00 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
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PHITS-K23 Phonema Insulation Kit for Kenwood SP-23K 31.00 € Add to shopping cart New In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
MC-60A Desktop Microphone 210.00 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
MC-90 Deluxe Desktop Microphone 249.00 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
MC-43S Handheld microphone (as supplied) 40.00 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
HS-5 Headphones, Kenwood 79.00 € Add to shopping cart Not in stock, back in 15 days.
PS-60 Power Supply 399.00 € Add to shopping cart Ordered only on customer request, delay at c. 15 days.
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KRS-590 Programming Kit for TS-590S/SG, USB-cable 66.70 € Add to shopping cart New In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
DC-TS590 Dust cover for TS-590 36.00 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
40395.01 1m Cable SMA/RCA (to connect a SDR for Monitoring) 20.50 € Add to shopping cart New In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
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PHITS-K23 PHITS-K23 Phonema Insulation Kit

Frequency Extension for Radios

Please note:
All radios supplied by WiMo normally cover only the amateur bands (transmit wise).

The frequency extension of a radio (TX open) is done on explicit request by the customer.

Amateur Radio transceivers are usually not specified for use outside the amateur bands. In some cases the radio and especially the final amplifier or output filters can be damaged when transmitting outside the amateur bands. These damages are not covered by any warranty.

The manufacturer warranty might be voided in some cases as well.