MFJ SWR Analyser

MFJ-226 Portable Antenna Analyzer

MFJ-226 Analyser

Portable Antenna analyser with graphical display, up to 230 MHz.

The MFJ-226 is a battery operated antenna analyser for the frequency range from 1 to 230 MHz. Thanks to it's design as a vectorial network analyser (VNA) the MFJ-226 is capable to measure complex values and present the results graphically as a Smith chart. Possible measurements are SWR, complex impedance (resistance and signed reactance), phase angle, return loss and much more.

Another important feature of the MFJ-226 analyser is the possibility to calibrate the system. With a measurement of open, short and load (OSL) a better accuracy is achieved. Further existing cable losses and phase shifts can be eliminated from a measurement. Calibration data can be stored for later recall for four different setups.

For measurements the MFJ-226 offers 32 memories. This is very useful when doing measurements on the road, later you can transfer the measuremnt data to a computer. Measurements are done either in the "single frequency mode" on one fixed frequency, or in the "sweep frequency mode" while sweeping between two corner frequencies. This latter mode allows for the measurement and display of SWR graphs over an entire frequency band. Measurements can also be done b computer cntrol over the USB interface.

The MFJ-226 analyser offers a graphical LC display and an easy to operate keyboard, both backlit. A USB port is used to transfer measurement data to the computer as well as for firmware upgrades. Power supply is done by two AA cells. The solid case is suitable for field-use. Size of the MFJ-226 is 165 x 80 x 32mm, the weight incl. batteries is c. 300g.

Dates techniques MFJ-226
Gamme de fréquence 1 - 230 MHz, continous
Frequency Resolution 1 Hz
Antenna Connector N type, female
Output Level +10dBm (typ.)
Harmonics -15dBc (typ.)
LC Display Monochrome, 128x64 px, backlit
Poids c. 300 gr (incl. batteries)
Power Supply 2 AA cells, Alkaline or NiMH
Computer Interface USB Mini-B socket
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MFJ-225 Graphical Antenna Analyser


The MFJ-225 has got all functions of a standard analyser plus a variety of new functions, such as built-in LC display, 2 port VNA and USB port. The MFJ-225 does not require calibration (self-calibrating)! Very easy to use. All functions are described in the included English manual.

Two antenna analysers in one!
The MFJ-225 is a complete, self-contained analyser that is battery-powered and thus can be installed directly at the antenna. Connect the device to a PC and use the IG-mini VNA freeware to create a fully-fledged 2-channel VNA and do extensive data analysis. You can also print graphical curves in addition to your numerical results.

View more!
Thanks to the built-in, illuminated 3″ graphic display, you will always have all the values in view. In addition to the presentation of discrete values, the SWR can also be plotted graphically as a curve. Other important displayed values are Impedance, V/R ratio, phase angle. Set center-frequencies with a knob on the side of the MFJ-225 and read the curve in full screen mode on the display.

Frequency range from 1.5 to 179.9 Mhz
The MFJ-225 analyser covers the entire frequency range from 1.5MHz to 179.9 MHz continuously with the help of an integrated DDS-VFO with 1 khz resolution, so all mechanical elements like switches or controller are no longer necessary. The adjustment is done by an optical encoder.

Built-in signal generator!
The MFJ-225 uses a built-in signal generator with -5dBm power output to test several components such as mixer, amplifier, filter etc. The signal has a good suppression of harmonics of -50dBc and provides for excellent test results.

Versatile power supply!
For operation of the MFJ-225 you can use 4 AAA (rechargeable or Alkaline) batteries. These are installed inside the device. With a 12V socket attached on the side, you are even able to recharge the batteries. A LED light shows the charging status. A USB cable does also function as a power supply for the MFJ-225 when connected to a PC.

What is the MFJ-225 able to measure?

  • SWR (1:1 to 9.9:1)
  • Complex impedance (R + jX)
  • Return loss (RL, 0 - 30dB)
  • Phase (0 - 180°)
  • Capacity (0 - 9999pF)
  • Inductance (0.1 - 80µH)
  • Cable length (0.5 - 45m)
  • Cable loss (0 - 30dB)

No power supply included!

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MFJ-259C / MFJ-269C


Avec le MFJ-259C obtenez une antenne correctement réglée pour un rendement maximum. Raccordez la ligne d'alimentation, positionnez le commutateur de bande et accordez le cadran - juste comme un transceiver. Lisez le TOS et l'impédance complexe. En accordant vous vouyez instantannément la fréquence de résonnance de l'antenne. Gamme de fréquence: MFJ-259C: 1.8 - 230 MHz, MFJ-269C: en plus 415-470 MHz.Alimentation extérieure 12V ou piles internes (10x AA ).

MFJ-269C MFJ-269C
    MFJ-259C: cinq appareils de mesure en un:
  • Générateur HF 1.8 - 230MHz
  • Fréquencemètre avec précision 0.1Hz
  • Analyseur de TOS
  • Mesure complexe d'impédance d'antenne
  • Dip mètre (avec option MFJ-66)
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MFJ-269C : inclus la bande. 70cm 449.00 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
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Accessoires MFJ-259 et MFJ-269

MFJ-BAG Carrying Bag

Kit Accessoires pour MFJ-259/269C

  • Contenu de la livraison
  • Alimentation/Chargeur
  • Batteries rechargeable 10 pcs AA
  • Housse

The allround well padded nylon bag has a removable shoulder strap, still have room for other small items and an additional a flat front compartment for paperwork or cable. Dimensions 27x15x11cm. The batteries are maxE 'Batteries', with almost no self-discharge and then after loading they are more than a year ready for use.
The power supply can be used for loading and also to operate the SWR Analyzer and has 15V output voltage. The standard 12V power supply units are not suitable! To charge the batteries in the SWR Analyzer the batteries can remain inside. Do not forget to change the internal switch of 'dry batteries' to 'battery', see the instructions of the devices.

MFJ-259-BAG Carrying Bag with Power Supply and Batteries 69.00 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
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Autres accessoires pour MFJ-259 et MFJ-269

MFJ-29C Housse de protection pour MFJ-259B 19.00 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
MFJ-29D Housse de protection pour MFJ-259C 33.40 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
MFJ-39C Housse de protection pour MFJ-269 25.00 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
MFJ-39D Housse de protection pour MFJ-269C 33.40 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
MFJ-66 Inductances Dip Mètre 39.80 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
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MFJ-269C MFJ-269C
MFJ-66 MFJ-66

MFJ-207 Analyseur de TOS


L'analyseur MFJ-207 10-160 Mètres vous donne une lecture directe du TOS de votre antenne sans avoir besoin de formules ou de lectures indirectes. Le MFJ-207 peut aussi être utilisé pour régler un tunner à s'accorder sur votre antenne sans avoir besoin d'émettre. La couverture en fréquence du MFJ-207 va d'environ 1.75 MHz à 30 MHz en cinq bandes. Ceci permet une lecture facile du TOS à haute fréquence. La couverture pour chaque bande peut varier légèrement par rapport à celle inscrite sur le capot. Les bandes et couvertures sont:

  • BAND A: 1.75 - 3.00 MHz
  • BAND B: 3.00 - 5.00 MHz
  • BAND C: 6.50 - 11.70 MHz
  • BAND D: 11.65 - 20.00 MHz
  • BAND E: 18.00 - 30.00 MHz

Il y a un connecteur pour fréquencemeètre externe. Le MFJ-207 utilise une pile 9V ou une alimentation extérieure DC 12V. il mesure 19H x 6.5L x 5.7P cm.

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