MFJ SWR meter

MFJ-849 Digital SWR Meter for shortwave and VHF/UHF (2m/70cm)


SWR measuring bridge with two sensors and digital readout.

The MFJ-849 instrument is equally suitable for short wave and VHF/UHF (2m, 70cm). It has two switchable sensors and two connectors (PL) each for shortwave and V/UHF. So you can keep both transmitters connected at the same time and don't have to change cables all the time. The KW range goes from 1 to 60 MHz, the V/UHF range from 125 to 525 MHz. The large and easy to read display is an LC type with 3.5" diagonal and orange backlight.

The maximum power handling of the MFJ-849 is 200W, with an accuracy of ±5%. The input power (Fwd), the reflected power (Ref) and the SWR are displayed simultaneously. The minimum transmit power for SWR measurement is 1W. All RF connections are PL sockets (SO239). A power supply cable (12V DC) is included. The dimensions are 140 x 84 x 122 mm, the weight of the MFJ-849 is 750 g.

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MFJ-860 SWR Meter with crossneedle instrument New

SWR meausring bridge for the frequency range from 1.8 to 60 MHz. Range switchable max. 30/300W forward, and 6/60W reflected. Size 114 x 57 x 76 mm.

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MFJ HF Amp meters

Inserted directly into the antenna feedline, measures antenna current in three calibrated ranges.
Use the RF current meters for precise measurements of antenna currents, while tuning your amplifier or tuner, calculate the impedance of your antenna feedpoint. Highly suitable for experiments with antennas or monitor changes of the antenna during operation.

Tuning for maximum antenna current usually results in highest radiated power (power rises to the square of the current). The minimum SWR is not necessarily the point where the highest antenna current is found. Or compare the efficiency of various tuners, the MFJ HF current meters identify losses quite easily.
The MFJ HF current meters are solid constructed devices for shortwave. Frequency range 1 to 30MHz, calibrated ranges for max. 0,3, 1 or 3A. 3A correspnd to 450 W on a 50Ω antenna.

MFJ-834, HF current meter, Coax, max. 3A


Connectors PL sockets for direct insertion into the feedline. Large, backlit analog instrument, size 152 x 89 x 114mm, weight 425g.

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MFJ-835, HF Ampèremeter, Parallel wire, max. 3A


Ideal to check the current balance of parallel wire feeds. The large bar in the middle of the instrument clearly identifies the range of balanced current on both wires. Balanced currents lead to less radiation from the feedline, reduces distortion of the antenna pattern, less risk of TVI and BCI. The MFJ-835 allows you to analyse the problems exactly.

Binding posts for parallel wire. Large, backlit analog cross-needle instrument, size 152 x 89 x 114mm, weight 620g.

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MFJ-854,HF Current meter


The MFJ-854 is a very sensitive HF current meter. The sense coil snaps over any wire, radiator or cable and measures the true current flow in that conductor. This allows to measure currents in parts of an antenna, in radial or ground networks or on coaxcales. Also detects induced current in other conductors, like any household appliance and helps in identifying interferences like TVI or BCI.
Five fixed ranges from 30mA to 3A or one variable range selectable. The variable range has a minimum sensitivity of 1mA, enough to sense smallest currents like those from the MFJ SWR meters MFJ-259C or MFJ-269.

  • High accuracy due to electronical compensation, especially at low currents
  • Wide application from 1mA to 3A in six selectable ranges
  • Full coverage of HF from 1.8 to 30MHz
  • Little influence on the tested conductor
  • Sense coil snaps over max. 1.3cm conductors
  • Low power consumption and power-save mode allow for extremely long battery life
  • Weight: ca. 400g

Delivery does not include a power supply!

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MFJ-826B Digital SWR/Watt Meter


Measures power and SWR on HF and 6m.

Forward and reflected power, SWR and tx frequency can be displayed at the same time. Alternatively TX power and SWR can be displayed as easy to read bar graphs. The MFJ-826B has as backlit 2 line LC display. Softwareupdate are possible over the RS232 serial interface.

Power ranges 25/250/1500 Watt
Frequency Range 1.8 - 54 MHz
Operating Voltage 12-15 V
Power requirements 250 mA
Dimensions 165x70x170 mm
Connectors 2x PL female
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MFJ-813: QRP Wattmeter


SWR/Wattmeter for QRP

The MFJ-813 offers a calibrated scale up to max. 5 Watt and allows measurements of power and SWR, the minimum power is 100mW. The sensor (system Bruene) detects RF voltage and current for a uniform accuracy over a wide range of impedances, frequencies and power. Frequency range 1.8 to 50MHz, aluminium case, 2x SO-239 (PL) connectors, size 11.5 x 6 x 7.5 cm.

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