microHAM Station Master Deluxe

Station Master Deluxe

The Station Master Deluxe is the big brother of the regular Station Master and have not only all of his skills, but offers the ergonomic user interface with a large 240x64 LC Display, programmable controls also support for stacked antenna systems.

The Station Master Deluxe is designed for large single amateur radio stations with multiple rotors and stacks, and for SO2R stations which require full control of all operations with a comfortable, ergonomic operation. Of course, the Station Master Deluxe also excellent at multi - used stations.

The network capability makes the Station Master Deluxe something special. Several Station Master Deluxe can be connected via the the trusted "ulink" (RS-485) bus, independently from a computer network. ulink support the connection of 16 Station Master Deluxe (8x SO2R or 16x single operator in any combination). Each Station Master Deluxe can also access 128 ulink modules. The ulink port supports cable lengths of up to 1.2 km using a standard CAT5 cable, enough to connect a multi-operator station including the antennas comfortable.

ulink interface are small, remote-controlled, multi-functional. This interface are used as relay outputs, RS232 module, rotor controllers, stepper motor controllers, etc. used also to control devices such as remote antenna switches, stack switches, Beverage switches, rotator motors, matching networks, and more. The Station Master Deluxe includes a locking system, which is programmed by the user. With this system it is possible to distribute all the terminals to each other so that there will be no damage or collisions.


  • Standalone operating independently of any computers
  • Compatible with all microHAM keyers, special support of the MK II and MK2R
  • Supports multiple devices like multi-band antennas, amplifiers, and Ultra Beam antennas, SteppIR antennas
  • Supports stacked systems and multi stacked systems
  • Configurable blocking individual outputs
  • Smart rotator control, and for rotator over the rotator, mast rotator and special solutions
  • Intelligent circuit of receive antennas

Nota: microHAM USB Device Router y micrHAM Device Configurator son compatibles con todas las versiones de 32 bits y 64 bits de Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, XP, 2000 y 2003.

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