RadioCom 6  RX / TX

DSP-Filter Analyzer, Decoder- and Transmit-Software
DSP-Filter decoding with a Computer.
RTTY-, CW-, PSK-, Fax-, Satfax-, Synop-, SSTV- Decoder
Radio-Control for more than 80 Receivers and Transceivers
Audio-Recorder, 3D Scanner, Equalizer, SatTracking, AudioAnalyser
Scopes and Frequency-Analyser Time-Frequency-Management

Minimum requirements:
Intel Pentium / Celeron with 200 MHz or better.
ColorGraphic min.16 Bit Colors
Screen Resolution: 1024x 768
16 bit bi-directional Soundcard with Line In
Win Vista and Higher (32 & 64 Bit)

What does this Program do?

It decodes digital and analog signals from the Radio. It also improves the quality of sound, what was in the past only able with a expensive DSP-Receiver. The signal goes direct into your computer over the soundcard for processing, you can then also control your radio over the COM-port and all this without any extra hardware. The received signals are filtered and given out to the computer loudspeakers. RadioComwill be delivered with: Filter-Analyzer, Time Spectroscopes, Dual Scope, Audio-Recorder, RTTY, CW, FAX, SSTV, PSK (PSK31, Q- and B-PSK), Synop-Decoder, 3D Scanner and Sattracking. This means you all what you need in one program !

Up to now the requirement of SSB-receiver an decoders for receiving radio messages was extremely high and expensive. With todayás normal multimedia-PC a complete new concept could be developed so that the expensive extra filters are replaced. and the operating comfort is highly raised. Expensive screens, scopes and tools are realised on your computer screen.

It's hard work to understand and program for Digital-Sound-Processing, Frequency-Analysing and Decoding. What was so far with expensive filter technology possible is now realised on the computer. Completely hissed signals from low cost receivers are so improved that the effect of the integrated equalizer, is very convincing to hear and to see on your display.

With RadioCom we have created a desktop specially fit to your necessity. The Live-WorkViewer for example facilitates you to receive a weatherfax, while you are modifying an other one. without interrupting the incoming fax. All desktop elements can be modified to your own belong. The Dual-Scope improves the analyse from cause and effect of the signal quality. SpectrumAnalyser, TimeSpectroScope and X/Y_Scope are helpful for that.

With the modifiable database of the Frequency-Manager it is possible to save all the complex adjustments of radio stations, and to recall them by demand. The database also holds decoder-data for the SynopDecoder and Kepplerdatas (for sat-receiving). Now you can plan with theTime-Manager different tasks so nothing is missed.

The Frq-/Channel-Scanner-Function shows you signal strength, Audio-events and 3D Diagrams. The event-saving makes later analysing of events with frequency and time possible. And with theAudio-Recorder you can record and replay signals for later analysing or decoding.

SatFax can receive live and synchronous without the normal Doppler effects and display with highest resolution. The included Sattrack-Program allows you to see when and where you can find the satellites on the world map.

The AudioController controls all audio functions, drivers and mixers, also the special AudioSquelch and the DSP-filter with the FFT-Equalizer (Fast-Fourier-Transformation). This allows to set several Notch filters in one bandfilter or to realise a filter curve with desired waviness and variable slope with a 2-Hz resolution. You can simply draw a curve character with the mouse.

Does RadioCom work with WIn7?
Yes, Radiocom works without problem with Win7/32 Bit, much faster than under Vista.

With the 64 bit versions it is important to make sure that all drivers work perfectly, then there shouldn't be any problems. The only trouble area are some USB/Serial converters due to the lack of up-to-date drivers.

Since Radiocom is deeply integrated into the operating system we recommend to start this program as administrator.


Transceivers supported:

AOR AR-3000A, AOR AR-3030, AR-5000, AR-7030, AR-8200
ICOM IC-706 / MKIIG, IC-707, IC-710, IC-725 / 726 / 728 / 729, IC-735 / IC-736 / IC-737 / 738, ICOM IC-746, IC-756, IC-761, IC-765, IC-775, IC-781, IC-275A/E/H, IC-375A, IC-475A/E/H, IC-575A/H, IC-820H, IC-970A/E/H, IC-1275A/E, R72, R75, IC-R7000/ R7100, IC-R8500, IC-R9000, IC-R10, IC-PCR-100, PCR-1000
JRC NRD-345 / 525 / 535 /545
KENWOOD R2000 / R5000, TS-50S, TS-570, TS-440/450,TS-690, TS-790, TS-850, TS-870, TS-950
LOWE HF-150 / 225 / 250
YAESU FRG-100, FT-100, FT-736R, FT-767GX, FT-840, FT-847, FT-890, FT-900, FT-980, FT-920, FT-990, FT-1000MP, FRG-8800

Technical Data RadioCom RX/TX

Controls all Audio functions, drivers and mixers. Audio-Squelch, Filter- and Equalizer- Functions controls, etc. RTTY-Decoder
RTTY, SITOR, B-PSK, Q-PSK, (PSK31), incl. NAVTEX and SYNOP-Decoding. All parameters variable. FAX-Decoder
AM / FM Fax, all IOC's and RPM's; Fax-Special-Filter, HAM-Fax, Weather-Fax and SAT-Fax direct. SSTV-Decoder
All Modi. Special filters, Colour up to 32 Bit, all picture formats and parameter variable. CW-Dekoder
All parameter variable. Audio-Recorder
Record and replay from signals, incl. Functions for later analysing and decoding. Filter / Equalizer
Filter-/ equalizer functions up to 2 Hz resolution with variable slope. All filter combinations possible. Channel-Scanner, Frequency-Scanner
3D-displays from signal strength, audio-events or time diagrams. event-saving for later analysing. Time-Manager
Organize reception from text and picture from the desired time Sattracking
Displays all Satellites on a world map, inclusive all Keppler data and decoder types, also with a time schedule.

Included in shipment

  • CD with Software and connection circuit diagrams for all supported transceivers
  • Interface Box: Interface between PC and Transceiver / Receiver
  • Multilingual Manual to be found on CD
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