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After Walter, DK9SQ (sk 2017) retired after more than 30 years of running his business "Spieth FUnktechnik", WiMo took over the production of the simple and well working antennas. Although the original Fiberglass Telecope Tower went out of production and the SQ-Vertical is also not available anymore, we still offer the SQ Loop antenna in memory of this well known developer and inventor. Walter, DK9SQ passed away in 2017.

SQ Loop

SQ Loop

A portable quad loop for 10 to 40m, also to be installed on a Fibreglas Telescope Tower (not included). Setup in 5 minutes. The loop diameter is approx. 8m. Ideal for vacation or fieldday situations, works as a loop on 10 to 30m, folded dipole on 40m, bi-square on 10m, or as wideband vertical on 10 to 80m (even 160m). Band switching is done with connectors integrated into the antenna wire. Includes balun with PL connector for coax feed. Max. power load is approx. 300 W SSB PEP or CW. Requires a matchbox for operation (not included).

Ordine No.
11415 SQ Loop 109.00 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 3 o 4 giorni.
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SQ Loop collapsed

The SQ-Loop (and also the formerly offered SQ-vertical) were designed for installation on the original Spieth "Fiberglass Telescope Tower". This mast is unfortunately not available anymore. The construction with our low cost fibre glass masts is not adviseable, and when using our larger and heavier mast 18333.10 you will have to modify the drill holes to install the center piece at the same height.

Heavy Duty Fibre glas mast

HD-Fiberglasmast 10m

10m 'Heavy Duty' fibre glass mast, reinforced version. Sizes comparable to the standard 10m mast, but much more solid.

The diameter of the topmost tube is approx. 11mm, the lower most tube has a diameter of 45.8 mm at the lower end. The wall thickness is approx. 1 mm at the top and approx. 2 mm at the lower tubes. This makes this fibre glas mast nearly rigid, the mas tcan carry lightweight small yagi antennas, LogPer antennas or light wires. But also cameras, small anemometers or small lights can be mouted at the top. The HD fibre glas mast consists of ten segments, the extended length is slightly more than 10m, transport length is 117cm. Weight 1.7kg.

The lower most tube is closed with a rubber plug which aligns with the diameter of the lower tube. I.e. the plug does not contribute to the diameter. This plug is glued into the lower most tube and can not be removed. The result is that segments which are not required can not be removed. Just leave not required segments inside the lower most tube.

Diameters of all tubes at the topmost end (all values approximative): 11, 14.5, 17.1, 20.7, 24.3, 27.5, 31.1, 34.6, 38.6, 43.2 mm.

Mast Extension for HD Mast

The HD FIbre glas mast 18333.10 can be extended with up to 5 extension tubes, making the mast longer by approx. 4.5m. One extension (ref. 18334) consists of a 112cm long, conical tube made from very solid fibre glass material. An additional adaptor ztube (ref. 18334.01) connects the HD mast and the first extension tube. Each further extension does not require the adaptor, it fits into the previous extension.

The first extension tube extends the 10 m HD mast by about 66cm, due to the long overlap. Each further extension adds another 97cm. With maximal five extensions the 10m HD mast can be extended by 4.5m in total. The extension tube as ha diameter of 50 mm at the top, and about 56 mm at the bottom. Weight of theextension 560g, weight of the adaptor tube 310g.

The extension tubes can be used alone for a solid mast with nearly constant diameter. The number of tubes is only limited by the top load and by the guying of the mast. One of the 35 cm long adaptor tubes could be used at the very top to protect the end of the mast and provide better fastening for $ntennas etc.

Ordine No.
18333.10 10m HD Fibre glass mast 79.50 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 3 o 4 giorni.
18334 110cm Tube extension 25.00 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 3 o 4 giorni.
18334.01 Adaptor for 18334 to 18333.10 (required once per 18333.10) 20.00 € Aggiungi al carello In magazzino, spedizione in 3 o 4 giorni.
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Video about HD-Mast 18333.10

The same video in HD resolution (1920x1080).