SunSDR2-PRO SDR Transceiver

SunSDR2-Pro Transceiver

One of the few SDRs with 2m VHF!

Modern SDR transceiver for shortwave, 6m and 2m VHF with excellent receiver performance. Suitable for all modes incl. CW, SSB (USB, LSB), FM, AM and digital modes. With wide band receiverfrom 9 kHz to 65 and 96 to 148 MHz.

The SunSDR2-Pro is a refined successor to the SunSDR2 transceiver. This evolutionary step picks up experiences collected with daily use of the first series, it offers an even better AD converter, some connectors have been modified, a better local oscillator is used and the software was improved in many points. The result is a modern and future-proof transceiver concept for the demanding ham radio operator.

The receiver of the SunSDR2-Pro is based on the fast 16 bit ADC LTC 2209, which operates at 160 MS/s. This is the basis for an excellent blocking dynamic range (BDR) on HF of up to 130 dB. With the further addition of 9 bandpass filters for HF and one narrow filter dedicated for VHF the result is a receiver with very good sensitivity, a wide dynamic range and strong resilience against strong signal blocking. When used with the ExpertSDR software, two independent receivers are available, the receive window can be up to 312 kHz wide. Additionally a large bandscope of up to 80 MHz width is available.

The transmitter is designed as an independent unit with it's own quadrature oscillators, allowing flexible semi or full duplex operation. This enables the SunSDR2-Pro with a suitable software to be used as a measurement ransmitter and spectrum analyser. Independent amplifiers for HF and VHF produce 20 or respectively 10 Watts transmit power. For HF two switchable antenna connectors are provided, and VHF has a separate connector. Other connectors are provided for transverter operation or use of a power amplifier. Eight freely programmable switching outputs can be used to drive antenna switches, external bandfilters, pre-amplifiers or sequencers.

Another highlight of the SDR transceiver is that the CW keying signals are processed directly by the processor and FPGA of the radio. This ensures that there is no discernible delay when using telegraphy, even QSK with higher speeds is possible. The microphone is also connected directly to the device, two different connectors are provided. One, an RJ-45 socket is compatible with a Yaesu MH-31 dynamic microphone, the other is a 3.5 mm phone socket, for example for a mic of a head set. The decoded audio signal as well as the transmit audio is also available in the digital data stream over the network interface. This enables a flexible layiout either locally in the shack or with remote operation over a local network.

The SunSDR2-Pro is connected by an RJ-45 100MBit/s Ethernet connector. Smart programming of the interface enables the connection of the transceiver either directly to a computer, or via a switch or router integrated into the home network. This offers an easy solution for remote operations of the radio. The audio is available over the network interface as well, allowing "armchair" operation, for example with a simple computer headset.

Optionally a Wifi adaptor is available, if you want to avoid laying Ethernet cables to the transceiver.

The freely available ExpertSDR software is under continous development, and will be available free for owners of the SunSDR2-Pro transceiver in the future. Supported operating systems are Win XP, Win 7 and Win 8. Support for MacOS and Linux is planned. The ExpertSDR software is easy to use despite all the complexity of an SDR transceiver. The software provides interfaces (CAT, virtual audio) for other programs, for example contest loggers or multmode programs. In some cases a so called Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) might be required (not provided).

All told the SunSDR2-Pro is a versatile transceiver, designed for shortwave as well as VHF and equipped with an excellent receiver, which will appeal to many radio amateurs and professionals alike. With it's compact size (just 165 x 165 x 30mm) and a weight of only 1kg the transceiver cannot only be used at home in the shack, but also when portable or in a vacation (power requirements12 t o16VDC, 5A max.).

Technical Data SunSDR2-Pro
Frequency Range RX HF 90 kHz - 65 MHz
Frequency Range RX VHF 95 - 148 MHz
Frequency Range TX HF All amateur bands incl. 6m
Frequency Range TX VHF 144 - 146 MHz
RX Sensitivity 0.07 µV
Max. Power HF 20 Watt
Max. Power VHF 8 Watt
Blocking Dynamic Range HF (typ) 130 dB
Blocking Dynamic Range VHF (typ) > 114 dB
Bandpass filter HF 9
Bandpass filter VHF 1
AD converter clock frequency 160 MHz
AD converter resolution 16 Bit
DA converter clock frequency 640 MHz
DA converter resolution 14 Bit
Oszillator stability [1] ± 0.5 ppm
Bandscope width 20 kHz - 80 MHz
Receive window size (waterfall) 39, 78, 156, 312 kHz
Independent receivers 2
Attenuators 0, -10, -20 dB
Pre-amplifier +10dB
ALC voltage 0 - 4 V
Antenna connectors HF 2x Mini-UHF
Antenna connectors VHF 1x Mini-UHF
Network connector RJ-45, 100MBit/s or 1GBit/s Ethernet
Mikrophone impedance (dyn.) 600 Ω, Yaesu MH-31 compatible
Supply voltage 12 - 16 V [2]
Max. current consumption 5 A
Dimensions 165 x 165 x 35 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Temperature range (operating) 0 - 75°C
ColibriNANO, ColibriDDC, SunSDR2 QRP, SunSDR2 PRO and MB1+ATU in comparison

[1] without external 10MHz reference clock
[2] Connector "1-770968-0" by TE Connectivity

  • Included in shipment:
  • Ethernet cable
  • DC power cable
  • 2 pcs adaptor phone plug 3.5mm/6.3mm
  • Adaptor Pigtail Mini-UHF -> SO239
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Download: SunSDR2-Pro Brochure May 2016 (PDF, English, 52 MB)
Download: SunSDR2-Pro Betriebsanleitung Deutsch V1.2 (PDF, DE, 2MB)
Download: SunSDR2-Pro User Manual (PDF, EN, 7.8MB)
Download: SunSDR2-Pro Getting Started Manual (PDF, EN, 1.3MB)
Download: SunSDR2-Pro Operating Manual German V1.2 (PDF, German, 4 MB)