Telescopic antennas

Besides a small standard program we supply custom specific telescopic antennas for any kind of use.

We offer:

  • Custom made solutions
  • Short delivery times
  • Construction following design drawing or sample

Depending on size and type production lots from 2000 pcs on are feasible.

The antennas can be constructed in nearly every length, with or without knuckle, made from brass or stainless steel.

Possible constructions:

Max. Length 2m
Material Brass / Stainless steel
Surface blank / chrome / black anodized
Base Inner/Outer thread, with or without knuckle
Mounting Depending on customer request
Type of top cap or base Depending on customer request

Standard telescopic antennas

For standard application or repairs. Chrome plated brass or stainless steel telescopes, inner thread mounting.

Bild Teleskopantenne 14256

Bild Teleskopantenne 14257

14258 14258

Order No. Diameter Connector at base Length (retracted) Length (extended)
14258 4 mm M3 72 mm 130 mm Knuckle 5.20 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.
14255 6 mm M2.5 134 mm 502 mm Knuckle Not in stock, ordered only on customer request, down payment required, delay at c. 60 days.
14256 8 mm M4 215 mm 570 mm Knuckle, M4 Thread top 4.40 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.
14257 9 mm open 200 mm 820 mm Stainless steel, open 9.50 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.
14254 7 mm M3 175 mm 1030 mm Stainless steel 4.50 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 or two days.

A 3m long telescopic whip can be found here.

Some examples of custom made telescopic antennas

Bild Teleskopantenne

Telescopic antenna for remote constrol,
extendmed length 1400mm, stainless steel.

Bild Teleskopantenne

Telescope for guidance of a visor screen for computer terminals
very solid, black anodized

Bild Teleskopantenne

Sample holder with clip

Bild Teleskopantenne

Telescope for a gas probe;
a small plastic hose is fed through the telescope

Bild Teleskopantenne

Guiding teelscope in a printing machine,
chrome plated

Bild Teleskopantenne

Telescope for special machinery, brass

Bild Teleskopantenne

Rotateable and tiltable telescopic antenna

Bild Teleskopantenne

A telescope as
component for the
clever presentation of reading glasses