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Whizz WHip: QRP Allband Antenna from 3.5 to 450 MHz

Whizz Whip Antenne

With the wide frequency range from 80 to 10m and including VHF bands like 6m, 2m and 70cm the 'Whizz Whip' is truely a universal antenna for all occasions. Whether you want to activate HF during a vacation or listen to the local VHF repeater - the Whizz Whip will come along. Also very nicely useable for shortwave listeners and scanner users. This antenna should be in your travel bag whereever you go.

With only 200 g weight and a packing size of 25x11x8 cm the Whizz Whip really fits into any luggage and can go with you whereever you go. The telescope antenna extends to 130cm length. Tuning is done with a tunig knob at the base of the antenna. The variable capacitor matches the impedance of the antenna to the radio. You are not limited to the supplied telescopic whip, but you can use any random length of wire as well. On VHF and UHF the length of the radiator must be changed for tuning. Usually an SWR equal or better than 2:1 is achieved.

The installation of the Whizz Whip is very comfortable, directly on the PL socket of your radio, for example a FT-817. No more hassle with coaxial cables, tripods, mounts and so on. Just attach the tuning unit, install the antenna. go. Tuning takes only a few seconds and can be done very easily without any additional measurement equipment. Due to the good selectivity of the antenna, reception is often better than with wideband active antennas. Max. power is 10 W PEP.

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