WLAN Antennas 2.4GHz
Directional antennas for indoor use

Directional antennas for indoor use.
Useage: For coverage of larger office spaces, for targeted illumination of areas in a building. In certain cases also useable for building to buolding purposes, when the antenna can be mounted in a weather protected place (e.g. behind a window).

PA-2408B Directional Patchantenna 8 dBi

Patchantenne WLAN 2.4GHz PA-2408B 8 dBi PA-2408B

Compact and solid patch antenna for 2400MHz Wifi, with 8 dBi gain. Suitable for wall or mast mount, including stainless steel tilt/swivel mount. Intended for use in office areas, cafés, restaurants and other public spaces, where a solid an unobtrusive antenna is required. The antenna is weatherproof and can also be used outdoors. Comes including 20cm cable with N female connector.

Technical Data PA-2408B
Frequency Range 2400 – 2483 MHz
Gain 8.5 dBi
HPBW horizontal ~ 80°
HPBW vertical ~ 60°
Front/Back ratio ≥ 20dB
SWR ≤ 1.5:1
Impedance 50 Ω
Polarisation linear
Connector N-Buchse an 20cm Kabel
Dimensions 125 × 97 × 30 mm
Weight 210 g
Mounting hardware suitable
for mast diameter
40 – 50mm
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VP-165/24 Directional antenna, 9 dBi

VP-165 Wifi Antenne VP-165

Small panel antenna with 9 dBi gain. Directional antenna with 65° HPBW. Tiltable in two directions, mounting bracket included. Size only 92x100x30mm, white ABS case. Ideal antenna for office or home use and all indoor hot spots. Connector SMA jack. This antenna does not include a cable. For suitable cables see below.

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Download: Data sheet VP-165/14 (18630) (PDF, EN, 900KB)

Suitable cables for HIF-2400 and VP-165

See above at HIF-2400 antenne, same connector.