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WiMAX is a wireless broadband transmission system, to be standardized by the IEEE (IEEE 802.16).

In contrast to the usual wireless-LAN/WIFi (802.11) WiMAX promises 1.) much larger range up to 50km, 2.) connection with non line of sight (NLOS), the latter only up to relatively short distances of up to 5km in rural areas.

The WiMAX standard specifies among other things the transmission layer (modulation, channel access etc.), the useable frequency range is given a 2 to 11 GHz. The actual frequency usage of individual bands is defined by the national regulating agency of each country. And this is where the problem arises, especially here in Germany. Unfortunately the regulating agency (RegTP) did not take a decision on how and what to license for WiMAX (as of summer 2005). It is planned to rededicate the 3.5GHz range, perhaps also use parts of the 2.5GHz (not 2.4GHz ISM) band and maybe also rarts of the 5GHz range.

This manner of licensing will be dramatically different from what we know of the WiFI (802.11) scheme: WiFI lans are operated in the license free bands (ISM, 2.4GHz, 5.1GHz). The is to say that each individual participant can buy and install WiFi 802.11 equipment, as long as basic operating parameters are met (radiation power etc.).

WiMAX will be licensed to providers planning to offer such services, the actual procedure has not been defined yet. The regulation agency is planning a procedure (licensing light) which allows a simplified and fast assignment of licenses, which can be limited to regional areas or to other technical parameters.

The impact for the individual enduser is that a point-to-point operation, like known from 802.11 WiFi lans, will not be possible, since this will not be licensed to individuals. Instead a provider will setup the (rather expensive) WiMAX infrastructure, the enduser can participate by leasing an account from the provider, probably including the CPE. This CPE will most certainly be equipped with an antenna which can be used indoors or must be installed outdoors.

PA-3500 WiMAX directional antenna

Bild PA-3500 WiMAX

Flat panel antenna for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint use. Includes universal tilt/swivel mount, useable for wall or mast mount, all hardware included.

Model PA-3500-18
Frequency Range 3400-3600 MHz
Gain 18 dBi
HPBW hor. ca. 30° mm
HPBW vert. ca. 25° mm
SWR <1:2
Max. Power 10 Watt
Connector N socket
Max. Mast Diameter 55 mm
Dimensions 290x330 mm
Weight Kg
Order No. 18850.18
Unfortunately this product is not available anymore. Sorry.