WiMo appoints new managing director

Herxheim, January 2017

New managing director at WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH in Herxheim

Markus Viertel

Starting on 2 January 2018, Markus Viertel (45) took over the role of managing director at WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH (Herxheim) and is now managing the company together with Volkmar Junge, the previous sole managing director. Viertels tasks will primarily be the further development of the company with the aim of continuous growth at home and abroad. The focus is on expanding sales and support and optimizing the supply chain.

Viertel brings with him international management experience from large corporations and small and medium-sized companies. Previously, he held senior positions at Siemens AG in Germany and IDEX Corporation Inc. in the United States. Before joining WiMo he was Managing Director at a leading international supplier of industrial sealing technology and managed the custom seals business.

Markus Viertel on his new task: "WiMo is a nice challenge. The company is financially healthy and, due to the high growth of recent years, is on the verge of the next stage of further development. We have an excellent team, which brings with it the competence and motivation to optimize our processes and continue to grow. We have doubled our facilities area. This enables us to serve our customers even better and win over new customers. I look forward to it!"

Volkmar Junge, the founder and previous sole managing director of WiMo, will continue to look after the technical side of the business, such as product selection and manufacturing. The main task here will be the integration of the recently acquired Italian antenna manufacturer 'Ultrabeam', as well as the redesign of the production and office space, which was made possible by the acquisition of the neighbouring 800 m² building last year.

About WiMo
WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH is a small/medium-sized company with 30 employees, founded in 1982. WiMo manufactures and trades in radio technology products, especially antennas, radios and accessories such as cables and plugs. WiMo is one of Europe's largest providers in the amateur radio market; WiMo is known in the field of commercial radio technology (Wifi, mobile radio etc.) as a specialist for customized cable production and solution-oriented offers in the antenna area. The registered office of the company is in Herxheim (near Landau, Südliche Weinstraße).