WiMo acquires Ultrabeam

Herxheim, December 7., 2017

Germany's largest provider of amateur radio products announces the acquisition of the Italian antenna manufacturer Ultrabeam.

Ultrabeam facilities in Villanova Ultrabeam facilities in Villanova

The company WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH (Herxheim) will take over the manufacturing, the tools and the trademark of the Italian manufacturer of short-wave antennas, 'Ultrabeam' in Villanova d' Asti (Italy). Ultrabeam has been manufacturing electrically adjustable short-wave directional antennas for over 10 years. The antennas are used internationally by discerning radio amateurs and commercial radio services for worldwide voice and data connections.

Volkmar Junge, Managing Director of WiMo GmbH explains: "Ultrabeam has always impressed us with its extremely high quality standards. When the possibility of acquisition became known, I decided without much hesitation to buy the company."

WiMo will continue the production of the Ultrabeam antennas with the existing tools and design documents in the usual high quality. The product range will largely remain unchanged. In a training course lasting several days, the Ultrabeam associates will introduce WiMo employees to the secrets and special features of production of the antennas. Production will move from Villanova to Herxheim in December 2017.

Volkmar Junge: "With this acquisition we are setting the course for WiMo for the long term. The company growth has been slow and steady in recent years, now we are taking a big step forward. By bundling production and sales we will be able to plan the manufacturing much better and reduce lead times."

In addition to manufacturing, WiMo will handle sales and distribution of Ultrabeam antennas, also internationally. Only in Italy, a local sales team will continue to serve existing and new customers in the country (antennahub.it).
Due to the relocation from Italy to Germany, production will be interrupted at the beginning of 2018. Antennas manufactured in Germany will be available from the end of the 1st quarter 2018.

WiMo had already been able to purchase the neighbouring building in autumn, thus increasing production and storage capacity by more than 50%. "A lot of additional space, which we now can make good use of” the managing director of WiMo is pleased to report.

  • WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH is Germany's largest provider of amateur radio equipment, antennas and accessories. With approx. 30 employees, the company's location in Herxheim (Rhineland-Palatinate, district Südliche Weinstraße) is home to a production facility for antennas, cables and accessories. In addition, WiMo offers amateur radio gear from most well known manufacturers plus a wide range of accessories with more than 4500 products.
  • Ultrabeam is an owner-managed company in Villanova d' Asti (Piemont, Italy). With 5 employees, Vincenzo Caruso has been building up a renowned brand for shortwave antennas for over 10 years.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have had an Ultrabeam antenna for many years. Where can I get help and support for technical questions in the future?
A: At WiMo in Herxheim. WiMo takes over the production and service for all Ultrabeam antennas.

Q: I recently bought a new Ultrabeam antenna. Does WiMo also assume the manufacturers warranty?
A: WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH is not the legal successor of Ultrabeam Italy. This company will expire at the end of 2017. WiMo will nevertheless make every reasonable effort to solve warranty issues to the satisfaction of its customers.

Q: Will all models of Ultrabeam antennas continue to exist?
A: Most of them, yes, but not all. We will probably cancel a few less popular models, details to be decided.

Q: What about prices of Ultrabeam antennas, will they change?
A: Probably not at first. Due to their complex technology, Ultrabeam antennas have not been a bargain before and this will not change in the future. However, we expect to benefit from synergy effects through the combined control of production and sales, which will allow us to react more flexibly to market developments in the future.

Q: What about spare parts for Ultrabeam antennas?
A: By taking over the tools and the existing supplier relationships, we will be able to supply all necessary spare parts in the future. Please contact us with you requirements.

Q: Who will offer Ultrabeam antennas abroad, outside of Germany?
A: WiMo has an existing network of dealers in Germany and internationally. They will also have access to the Ultrabeam antennas. Distribution in Italy will be handled by the company antennahub.it.