Wonderwand Antenne

WIDEBANDER: QRP Allband Antenna from 1.8 to 432 MHz

An allround antenna for all shortbands as well as 2m/70cm with integrated antenna tuner, connector PL-plug, just screw it directly onto the antenna jack of the radio (FT-817 e.g.). At first tuning to best reception, then fine-tuning with its built-in SWR meter. The internal compensating network is bypassed for 2m/70cm operation, the feedback is adjusted by changing the length of the telescope antenna.

A telescope antenna is included, as well as an adapter on 4 mm screw terminals so that you can connect wire antennas or radials, too. The telescope antenna alone can be used on the front BNC of an FT-817 or scanner for 35 MHz and up. Use the device to get much better reception with a hand scanner on shortwave.

Capacity 10 W PEP.

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Very compact portable loop antenna for 40m to 6m.

Simply attach the tuning box to the transceiver then form the supplied wire into a loop. Attach the wire ends to the terminals on the tuning box and away you go!

45cm diameter self supporting loop, capacity 10 Watt.

QSO to USA with 5 W and Wonderloop
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