Yaesu Airband Radio

Yaesu FTA-450L / FTA-550L / FTA-750L


The airband radios FTA-450L, FTA-550L and FTA-750L are ideal companions for pilots and flying sports fans. All three radios allow communication and navigation in the airband with up to 5 W transmit power. The clear menu system allows a fast and easy operation of the radio, 200 memory channels are provided to organize your most frequently used frequencies. Each memory channel can be named with a 15 character alpha-numeric name. The solid keyboard allows fast frequency selection and also offers direct access to the emergency frequency on 121.5 MHz.

Included in the shipment is a USB programming cable. This allows, in conjunction with the freely downloadable software YCE01, very easy management of all settings and memory channels of the FTA-550L/FTA-750L.

In addition the larger models 550L and 750L offer the navigation by VOR beacons. The large and easy to read LC display shows a Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) as it is known from standard VOR NAV devices. Both models also offer the reception of the ILS localizer. The model FTA-750L further offers the ILS glide slope display and a GPS receiver. The GPS receiver is an up-to-date type with up to 66 receive channels and supports the WAAS DGPS system. The GPS position can be stored in regular intervals (logger function), the stored positions can be retrieved with the free YCE01 software provided for dowenload on the Yaesu website.

The FTA-450L/FTA-550L/FTA-750L airband radios further provide many convenience functions which make daily use much easier. The large LC display and the keyboard are backlit, the illumination level can be dimmed to be useable at night as well. The case is waterproof according to protection level IPX5. The audio output is powerful enough to be understood even in noisy environments. With the many supplied accessories the airband radios FTA-450L, FTA-550L and FTA-750L are ready for nearly every situation.

The FTA-450L focusses on the pure COM functions (two-way voice communication) at a very competitive price. Due to the easy manu system the operation is as easy as with the other devices with more functions. The powerful 800mW audio outpuit ensures good intelligibility, the same 200 memory channels are available as well as 25 and 8 kHz channel separation. Includes is the same rich set of accessories like various power supply options, programming cable, headset adaptor etc.

The new FTA-250L: Only COM, smaller, larger battery, more memories. That is the easiest description of this rugged handheld airband radio. Perfect for pick up followers, accompanying personnel who needs COM facilities or UL pilots who already have NAV functions. The IPX5 protection allows operation even in the occasional rainfall, the 250 memories offer ample space for many destinations. Of course the 25 and 8.33 kHz channel size is supported.

Yaesu FTA-250L Yaesu FTA-250L
  • Included in delivery FTA-450L/FTA-550L/750L
  • Radio
  • Equipment antenna BNC
  • Rech. Battery SBR-12LI (7.4V, 1800mAh)
  • Case for 6 AA size batteries
  • Belt clip
  • Adaptor SCU-15 to 6.3 mm (PJ-055) & 5.23 mm (PJ-068) for aviation headsets
  • Charger cable for cigar lighter
  • USB data cable A/Micro-B
  • Wall charger SAD-11C
  • Desktop charger SBH-11
  • User Manual

  • Included in delivery FTA-250L
  • Radio
  • Equipment antenna BNC
  • SBR-25LI Rech. Battery (7.4V, 1950mAh)
  • SHB-18 Belt Clip
  • SCU-15 Adaptor to 6.3 mm (PJ-055) & 5.23 mm (PJ-068) for aviation headsets
  • SDD-12 Charger cable for cigar lighter
  • SAD-20C Wal lcharger
  • FIXME Desktop charger
  • User Manual
FTA-550L/750L Screens
Technical Data FTA-250L / FTA-450L / FTA-550L / FTA-750L
FTA-250L FTA-450L FTA-550L FTA-750L
Transmit Range 118.0 – 136.975 MHz
Receive Range 108 – 136.975 MHz 108 – 136.975 MHz
329.15 – 335.0 MHz
Channel Step Size 25 / 8.33 kHz
LC-Display FIXME 160 × 160 px (43 × 43mm)
Backlight, adjustable Yes
Protection Class IPX5
Rech. battery LiIon, 7.4V, 1950mAh LiIon, 7.4V, 1800mAh
Memory Channels 250 200
Transmit Power 5 W PEP AM (1.5 W carrier)
Audio Power 700 mW 800 mW
Antenna Connector BNC [1]
External Power Supply Yes, 9.5 - 10.5V [2]
Operation with Alkaline batteries No Yes, 6 × AA size [3]
Data connector No Yes, USB cable provided
VOR Receiver Yes Yes
ILS Receiver Yes, Localizer only Yes, Localizer & Glide Slope
GPS Receiver Yes, 66 chan., WAAS
Temperature Range -10 – +60 °C
Size w/o Antenna 52 × 105 × 30 mm 62 × 133 × 34 mm
Weight w/ battery 300 g 410g

[1] An antenna with BNC conector is provided.
[2] A charging adaptor SDD-12 for connection to a cigar lighter is provided.
[3] A tray SBT-12 for 6 alkaline AA size batteries is provided.

Order No.
FTA-250L Compact Airband COM radio 197.00 € Add to shopping cart
FTA-450L Airband COM radio 249.00 € Add to shopping cart
FTA-550L Airband COM radio with VOR NAV 259.00 € Add to shopping cart
FTA-750L Airband COM radio with VOR, ILS, GPS NAV 339.00 € Add to shopping cart
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Accessories FTA-450L / FTA-550L / FTA-750L

Screen protector
Screen protector
Order No.
SF-FTA550 Screen protector FTA-450/550/750L 8.50 € Add to shopping cart
SF-FTA250 Screen protector FTA-250L 8.50 € Add to shopping cart
SCU-37 YAESU Cloning Cable FTA-250 14.90 € Add to shopping cart
SRA-13A Spare antenna for FTA-450/550/750 23.40 € Add to shopping cart
FTA-USB USB Programming Cable (as provided with FTA_450/550/750L) 8.00 € Add to shopping cart
SAD-11C YAESU Wall Charger for FTA-450/550/750L 9.90 € Add to shopping cart
SBH-11 Desktop Charger FTA-450/550/750L 17.50 € Add to shopping cart
SBR-12LI YAESU LI-ION Battery 1800mAh for FTA-450/550/750L 44.50 € Add to shopping cart
SBT-12 Alkaline Batt. Tray FTA-450/550/750L 15.50 € Add to shopping cart
SCU-15 Adaptor for Headset FTA-450/550/750L 37.50 € Add to shopping cart
SDD-12 Cig.Lighter cable FTA-250/450/550/750L 22.50 € Add to shopping cart
SSM-10A Loudspeaker/Microphone unit FTA-450/550/750L 55.00 € Add to shopping cart
SEP-10A Earphone for SSM-10A 19.90 € Add to shopping cart
SEP-11A Earphone 25.90 € Add to shopping cart
SHB-11 Belt clip FTA-450/550/750L 6.00 € Add to shopping cart
SHB-18 Belt Clip FTA-250L 12.50 € Add to shopping cart
SRA-13A Belt clip 23.40 € Add to shopping cart
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