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Yaesu FTM-3200DE

FTM-3200DE C4FM/FM Yaesu FTM-3200DE

The Yaesu FTM-3200DE is a monoband transceiver for 144MHz (VHF) and supports the new C4FM/FDMA digital mode.

Especially for the demanding operation in the car Yaesu offers the very robust FTM-3200DE transceiver. The two-way radio is designed as a monoband radio for 2m (VHF, 144-146 MHz). It supports Yaesus "System Fusion" strategy by offering easy integration into digital systems with C4FM modulation. To make the migration as easy as possible the FTM-3200DE support 'Automatic Mode Switching' which automatically selects between traditional FM and digital C4FM. When using AMS the radio transmits in the mode which was received last. The makes easy communication with all participants - analog and digital - very simple.

Other features like the digital "Group Monitor" was also brought to the FTM-3200DE. This feature allows to monitor each member of a selected group, if the other radio is still within communication distance. This feature eases the setup of tactical communications groups and monitors their cohesion. The mobile transceiver offers solid 65 W transmit power for reliable communication even over large distances. The speaker on the front panel is very helpful for good articulation of received audio, even in noisy environments. The large backlit LC display and a multi coloured LED show the easily readable current state of the radio. Like any full featured ham radio transceiver the FTM-3200DE also offers features like 220 memories with alphanumeric names. Squelch functions like DSQ, DCS and CTCSS are available fior targeted accessability of groups or individuals.

Note: The Wires-X interface HRI-200 is not intended to be used with the FTM-3200DE. Wires-X operation as a client is possible on analog Wires-X nodes.

  • Features Yaesu FTM-3200DE
  • 65 W transmit power in FM and C4FM
  • Automatic Mode Selection FM/C4FM
  • Digital GM (Group Monitor) function
  • Large LC display, backlit
  • 220 memory channels
  • Automatic Repeater Shift
  • Transmitter from 144 to 146 MHz
  • Receiver from 135 to 174 MHz
  • DTMF Microphone with backlit keys
  • Direct frequency entry with microphone
  • DSQ, CTCSS, DCS Squelch functions and signalling
  • Hi stability ±2.5ppm TCXO built in
  • Programming of memories and cloning over USB computer interface
  • Included in shipment of the FTM-3200DE is:
  • Radio
  • MH-48A6J DTMF microphone
  • USB cable
  • Mobile mounting bracket
  • Power supply cable with fuse
  • Operating manual
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FTM-3200DE Yaesu FTM-3200DE C4FM/FM VHF Mobile Transceiver 65 W
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Yaesu FTM-3207DE New

FTM-3207DE C4FM/FM Yaesu FTM-3207DE

Due to the many requests by radio amateurs aesu now also offers this C4FM/FM radio as a UHF version: FTM-3207DE. The techncial details are more or less the same except for frequency range and output power, see below.

  • Technical Data (differences from VHF version):
  • Max. Transmit Power 55W
  • Frequency range transmitter 430 – 440 MHz
  • Frequency range receiver 420 – 470 MHz
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FTM-3207DE Yaesu FTM-3200DE C4FM/FM UHF Mobile Transceiver 55 W
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Accessories FTM-3200DE & FTM-3207DE

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SF-FTM3X00 Screen protector 8.50 € Add to shopping cart
ADMS-M3200 Programming kit for FTM-3200DE, USB 56.40 € Add to shopping cart
MEK-2 Microphon Extension Kit 3.5m 35.40 € Add to shopping cart
MH-48A6J DTMF Microphone (as included) 46.30 € Add to shopping cart
MLS-100 Desktop Speaker, 12 Watt max. 36.00 € Add to shopping cart
MLS-200 Waterproof speaker 30.50 € Add to shopping cart
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